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I did a single, foot-wide horizontal stripe around my small living room. It is one shade down the color scale than the main wall color. Very subtle, but makes the room appear larger. Not sure you'd get the same effect doing a very deep, bold colored stripe.

As to the level question, my house is not level either. (Pitfall of older homes.) I did not use a level, but measured from the ceiling height (say 24" down the wall for top of stripe.) Since it matches the slope of the wall it camouflages the lack of 90 degree angles. (I pencilled it in with a level first, and the whole thing was a mess.)

I used the same finish (satin) on both main wall color and stripe.

Overall, not that hard but you need to be precise with the prep work. Don't cut corners or you'll regret it. Lighly pencil it, tape it, paint the wall color over the edge of the tape facing the stripe, let it get good & dry. Only then paint on the stripe.

Good luck!

Tips for Painting Stipes in My Boring Dining Room? Good Questions
7/28/14 10:26 AM

Lucky you, PA Farmhouse! My first house had a yellow tile bathroom. If I love one kind of bathroom more than my Mamie Eisenhower pink tile bathroom, it was that yellow tile bathroom. So cheery!

I papered the upper wall with a subtly patterned yellow wallpaper that matched the tile nicely, painted the cabinet matching yellow (it was a small space and needed the continuity to appear more spacious), did all the wood trim in sparkling white and had a bright shower curtain that pulled in the floor color.

How to Tone Down (or Play Up!) Pink Vintage Bathroom Tile
7/24/14 11:09 AM

I inherited my grandmother's vintage candy tins from the 1950s & 60s. I use them to hold silverware and serving pieces when we host a crowd for dinner.

9 Stylish Uses for Vintage Tins
7/24/14 10:41 AM

I have pink bathroom tile. At a designer's suggestion I painted the upper wall white. The bathroom looked half-finished with the white walls.

I ended up finding a pale beige with pink undertones that, paired with a brown, beige and pink shower curtain and 1970s walnut vanity really looks dynamite.

How to Tone Down (or Play Up!) Pink Vintage Bathroom Tile
7/23/14 01:42 PM

Super-smooth marble in an entryway is a broken hip waiting to happen.

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: New Flooring Renovation Diary
7/22/14 02:15 PM

Not a new trend. My friends and I bought our first homes as single women in the early 90s. Overall it was a good move for us.

My friends and I all bought smaller/less impressive homes and invested time into renovating them, doing as much of the work as possible ourselves. We have built up significant home equity over the last 20-25 years.

If I'd rented, I would not have the same amount of equity saved up.

All The Single Ladies... Are Investing In Home Equity
7/21/14 01:19 PM

A larger print/artwork, or several additional prints to go with the one you already have.

Lamps with an attractive (possibly patterned) shades on the tables, or replace one table & do a floor lamp with table lamp on the other side.

A couple of brightly colored, generously sized, stuffed pillows on the sofa & chairs

A bright pop of an area rug.

Ideas for Living Room that \"Needs a Little Something Else\"? Good Questions
7/15/14 10:04 AM

The first room is phenomenal!

Basic Befores and Awesome Afters: 3 Rooms, 3 Total Makeovers
7/4/14 08:59 AM

I've made this move... from an 1870 farmhouse on a bright, large, sunny lot to a dark, boxy 1950s Cape on a postage stamp city lot.

What worked for me was liven up the space with paint that suited my personality and purchase a few new accessories to meld the different styles of the space.

From the photos you posted of your current home, nearly everything can be moved to the new space. And honestly, that base housing has a nice layout. A vast improvement over what they offered when I was a kid.

How Do I Leave My Heritage Home For a Cookie Cutter Duplex? Good Questions
7/2/14 09:16 AM

It is possible to have kids, large dogs, and still keep the LR relatively uncluttered. You just need to structure the space to limit opportunities for clutter to develop.

Get rid of the large coffee table and large side tables. Minimize the space for stuff to accumulate. Replace the side tables with small tables offering just enough space for a lamp, a small picture frame for a snapshot, and a tv remote. Put down an area rug to visually anchor the space.

Consider replacing the loveseat with two wing chairs or small recliners. Put them at angles to the corner. Behind one chair, place the dog bed. Behind the other, place a decorative basket large enough to store a couple of throws for a chilly night.

Give toys a place to live elsewhere in the house, and do 5 or 10-minute clean up sessions daily with the kids to get them to put the toys in the LR away each day.

Help Brainstorm Ideas For Redoing My Living Room? Good Questions
6/30/14 11:36 AM

As a sewist, I like seeing sewing machine tables used as sewing machine tables. So horrifying to see a perfectly good vintage sewing table dismantled so the base can be converted to a tv stand or a kitchen table.

(Treadle and hand crank machines are still used in parts of the world where electricity is unreliable.)

Versatile Vintage: Sewing Machine Tables in Every Room
6/27/14 04:17 PM

Another vote for living with it a bit. You need to get a better feel for the flow of the house and how you use it before it is changed.

#2, find out if the walls are load bearing.

I love the separate room. The larger room appears to include the main entrance, and is ideal for a more formal LR while to middle room would be a cozier den or library.

If you are hanging out in the den/library, it is easier to keep the formal LR, the first room guests see, tidy and company-ready. My home is small with just the one LR. I covet that extra space so I don't have to worry when someone will knock on my door. If you have kids at some point, it will prove a useful space to corral toys without cluttering your LR.

There is so much opportunity with those lovely arches to create flow and interest, but carefully using colors in each room.

Enjoy your home!

Help Lay Out Row of Compartmentalized Rooms? Good Questions
6/25/14 06:48 AM

It might be pretty if you could add volume by attaching clear glass bulbs (like Christmas ornaments) with a crystal inside, to multiply the light. You'd probably need to add a cage of some sort to keep them from absorbing too much heat from the lit bulbs.

Help Me Improve My DIY of This Light? Good Questions
6/18/14 10:09 AM

The only time you shouldn't say f*** it is when you want to knock down a bearing wall as a DIY project.

Forget Fear! Have Faith, Take a Deep Breath and Leap Comment of the Day
6/16/14 10:13 AM

I installed a Mitsubishi mini-split last year for $12000 to heat and cool a 1400 sf house in E. Mass. This includes 4 inside wall units (two upstairs, two downstairs) and two outside units, installation and an upgrade to our electrical panel.

I was able to get an interest-free loan through my utility to pay for it, and it cut my winter heating bill in half. (And this was an exceptionally long, cold winter.)

What Does Ductless Air Conditioning Cost? Good Questions
6/12/14 02:36 PM

We haven't had cable in 10 years.

My family watches broadcast tv, and more recently Netflix & other channels on our Roke. We also check out a lot of (free!) movies and tv series from our local library or Redbox.

We connected a tv-top antenna (which sits on the upstairs bureau which got the best reception) to the cable system left by the prior owner, and connect the tvs around the house to the cables for better reception.

Tell Us: How Do You Save Money on TV & Internet
6/5/14 11:13 AM

Uh no, not for me.

My house is always tidy and clean. I spend a ridiculous amount of time on the internet, my family has way too much stuff (I should send you a pic of my basement), and my kids watch tons of tv.

How I keep it clean is to stay on top of things and corral stuff. When my kids were little we had a toy room where toys lived. Toys didn't hang around the living room. Now that they are older they leave shoes & bags all over, so they get moved to one small mat by each door. All unwashed or clean but unfolded laundry stays in the basement.

When I have time to clean, I start on the common spaces that my husband doesn't think to clean. If the kitchen is messy, he will take care of that so I focus on bathrooms and the living room. I try hard to keep those areas uncluttered so they are easy to clean.

All I ask is that you never look in the bedrooms. As long as it isn't a fire hazard, my kids can do what they want.

Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families
6/5/14 11:09 AM

Very basic info. This post must be geared towards people who've just moved out on their own for the first time.

Real Life on a Budget: Shifrah's Money-Saving Tips
5/30/14 03:36 PM


Before & After: Builder-Grade Basics Get Beautiful
5/27/14 10:58 AM

I would pick one of the colors in the beautiful window and use that color as a starting point, going a couple of shades deeper.

My first choice would be the green, unless you do makeup in the bathroom. The green might create a cast that makes you look sick all the time.

What Color Should We Paint Our Bathroom with 1989 Tile? Good Questions
5/23/14 08:45 AM