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The Kitchen is my favourite room in the house, therefore I have always enjoyed looking at kitchen plans, and pictures. I have to say that this kitchen is the most awesome kitchen I have seen. I would be in heaven working in this kitchen. I am passionate about cooking. Thanks for sharing.

Lilian's Sunlit Family Kitchen
Kitchen Tour

10/25/11 01:06 PM

Great post, if we each make choices like these I believe that it will make a huge difference in the environment. I do keep paper towel around, but the roll lasts for a very long time. We use old towels, old socks, bed sheets that are worn out get cut up into rag size. Then the rag box is full enough to allow a choice to discard the rag when the spill or mess that was wiped up would be difficult to wash out. http://zolemia.onlineproductsconnection.com/home.html

Top Ten: Paper Towel Alternatives
9/28/11 09:46 PM

The idea is great as long as the cookware is safe. I like the tea cup idea as well. I have been looking for small cookware to use for a long time, as I do not want to pay the expensive price that is usually on the ramekins http://zolemia.onlineproductsconnection.com/home.html

Use Children's Cookware for Individual Desserts

9/19/11 12:37 PM