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What about getting some grey frosted glass or mirrors cut to size to put on top?

Ideas For Covering Windowsills in Rental? Good Questions
2/11/13 05:17 PM

A $1000 throw? Better not have pets, or use it in any way. Ever.

High & Low: Geometric Blankets & Throws
11/4/11 01:48 PM

I lived in a place almost this small once. I had a queen bed and it took up the whole living space. If you plan on spending any time there besides sleeping, I recommend setting up an option for sitting and reading/watching/working. There is something depressing about waking up and staying in bed all day. Having to put sheets on your bed every day is a drag and murphy beds are expensive. If I had it to do over, I would probably loft the bed against the long wall and put a desk/entertainment center under (I would buy a large monitor for my computer as well and forget the TV, thank you HuluPlus). Then put some seating in front of the kitchen area.

Where To Put Bed in Studio Apartment?
Good Questions

10/11/11 01:52 PM

Here is one I haven't seen. If there is room, push the sofa against the wall facing the window. Then put a short, open bookcase against the side of the sofa to store hats, shoes and the like. This way you will have created an entry nook and opened up the room.

Good Entry Arrangement for Living Room?
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9/16/11 05:41 PM