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I will look at Home Goods for a Tovolo, but in the meantime I'll probably head to Walmart for the Rubbermaid. I'm new to ice cream making and plan on sharing the bounty. I've been reusing Talenti and Jeni's containers. I just bought another ice cream maker at a yard sale today ($1!) so I need room for the canisters!

3 Reusable Storage Containers for Your Homemade Ice Cream Product Roundup
7/10/14 07:21 PM

I just found a classic Skil drill kit from 1955 with every piece imaginable. It was $10. I cannot wait to put this to work! I also bought a tool to remove my faucet for $1 and a selection of wrenches. So excited to be building up my own toolbox so I can do more home repairs on my own.

Yard Sale Tip: Be On the Lookout for DIY Supplies
9/15/11 05:11 PM