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oh my word. It amazes me what you can find while searching google! I typed in "american eagle jeans smell" because I was trying to find recommendations on the best way to wash out the smell of the dye on a new pair of jeans from american eagle. Then this popped up in my results.

First I was shocked -- but intrigued, I had never heard of this before. Then as I read the comments, I became more and more disgusted thinking about dirty jeans; I wash mine usually every 4 wears, sometimes it's after every wear though if I got them really dirty! With all of the germs you are around in your day to day life -- yuck! The whole raw denim thing sounds. . . silly. I'll keep washing my jeans :)

How To Clean Your Jeans Without Water (In the Freezer!)
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9/15/11 04:37 PM