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I feel the manor house vibe, I'd love sliding glass doors to cover all my collections, cuts down on dusting and gives such a great gentlemanly feel. I prefer seeing all my folded clothes this way too, I just can't use drawers anymore! I have to see it all.

In my dreams I would have a dark wood dressing room/library with clothes and books all interspersed together and a big cloth covered table in the middle (like a cutting table a tailor would have) for reading, and throwing clothes on- crazy? prolly...

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9/27/11 08:15 PM

Linen sheets rocked my world, just do it and never look back, so soft and comforting, in winter or summer.

Linen Bedding: Are Wrinkled Sheets Sexy or Messy?
9/15/11 02:53 PM