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Spent the afternoon at Brimfield, quite a few good finds. I agree that there is usually some wiggle room on a bigger ticket items or if you bundle but you have to be nice about it. I only ran into one super abusive buyer telling the vendor how much they could buy it for online to which I wanted to tell the person myself to go buy it online then. I am sure she was one of the people getting swindled at the obviously reproduction metal sign booth later, because you get what you pay for sometimes.

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5/14/14 08:08 PM

I have used the regular Swiffer sweeper for a while and I like it. I usually tuck a reusable microfiber cleaning cloth on the head and clean out under my couch, bed, dresser, etc. The Swiffer dry cloths aren't really any better then using your own rag. What sells it is the super low profile makes it easier then any other cleaning tool I own to get underneath things which is a plus if you don't want to move your furniture every time you clean.

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3/27/14 04:30 PM

The link for 'Live More With Less: The Gift of Minimalism: Simplify, Declutter and Get Organized' is $2.99 not FREE

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3/21/14 08:55 AM

I guess the paint thing makes sense but I would prefer to at least do a coat or 2 of Kilz primer then figure out the color scheme down the road.

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3/13/14 02:15 PM