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I think this article should have been entitled " 'O' no she didn't."

Before & After: Was Beth Successful in Removing this Painted \"O\"? Good Questions Revisited
5/13/14 01:36 PM

What is it with all the white type over white walls, cabinets etc. AT? Did you fire your web designer in favour of a template? Sloppy!

Top Ten: Best Low-Profile Desks Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide 2014
5/13/14 01:34 PM

4 Days.

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on a Sofa?
5/13/14 12:41 PM

Talk about an unfortunate choice of advertisement on the Co.Design site.
Mr.Vignelli will be missed, but will live on through his iconic designs.

Write Design Great Massimo Vignelli a Letter Design News
5/12/14 02:38 PM

They ought to call it a "Poop up shop"

Goop Launches Pop-Up Shop Design News
5/2/14 02:27 PM

There's a lot of passive aggression on here today!

Kathryn & Joey 's Eclectic, DIY Condo House Call
3/3/14 12:06 PM

I think they kept the ugliest thing (the utensil "art") and got rid of the nicest stuff! I think the before looks sleek and modern! Poor judgment due to a high carb diet...?

Before & After: An 80s Contemporary Kitchen Gets an Update
2/26/14 04:11 PM


Petite Potties: Wall Hung Toilets
2/26/14 04:06 PM

Love it! The doggie is amazing too. A different coloured ceiling would ruin the effect.

Before & After: Former Firehouse Gets a Massive Facelift
2/18/14 02:33 PM

I thought this was going to be ugly, but I was totes wrong! Looks great! Terrific job!

Before & After: 70s Cane Shelving Unit Gets a Bold, Bright Update
2/18/14 11:49 AM


10 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Home Is: Bohemian
2/13/14 02:28 PM

LOL, I always said my dearly departed great dane/lab cross Pikachu's paws smelled like Doritos! That comment brought a tear to my I miss that smell!

How To Clean a Rug with Snow
1/7/14 04:22 PM

So well balanced, very refreshing!

Natalie & Seth's Organic Modern Home House Tour
1/7/14 04:01 PM

I was trying to figure out what it looked like. That's it exactly. I say again (before it gets deleted) YUCK!

Hey AT, if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen...or at least inform us that you only want positive comments. I find it ridiculous that some people want to keep to the old "My mother taught me if you can't say anything nice..." adage. My mother taught me that if you don't want negative comments on your blog, disable comments.

Putting Your Stamp On It: Budget, DIY Accent Wall for the Nursery
1/3/14 11:48 AM

I find these video tips a big waste of time.

One Minute Tip: Letting Go of Memorabilia Apartment Therapy Videos
10/9/13 01:24 PM

I agree. 6000 square feet! Maybe they need to rebrand this as Mansion Therapy!

Philip and Olivia's All the Fun of the Fair House House Tour
10/9/13 01:09 PM

I know, right?

Geek Chic: DIY Pixelated \"Zelda\" Fireplace Our Nerd Home
10/3/13 04:01 PM


Heidi's \"Cool Warmth\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/16/13 01:49 PM

I love this! But guuuuuurl, you need to hide/organise those wires! The are a blemish on an otherwise gorgeous space!

Heidi's \"Cool Warmth\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/16/13 10:36 AM

Here, here!

Giant Gun Mailbox: What Would You Do? Gothamist
9/12/13 01:39 PM