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What you have accomplished so far, is not bad.

Not knowing what scale you have uploaded (1/4 inch or otherwise), as a designer, I would need to understand proportions. Your chairs look as big as your round side table. I can't imagine that is the case.

Don't let that AC unit or your windows deter you from moving or adding additional seating space! Depending on the dimensions of the windows, you might be able to add an air sleeper sofa there.

That window can, and maybe should be, be your focal point. The round side table needs company. I'm not really sure what purpose it serves in this layout.

Is everything proportional here? If not, I would be happy to show you how to lay this room out to maximize your best possible sleeping and seating arrangements. We can do it online at 1/4 inch scale. You just have to do some measuring for me and let me know where the pressurized walls are exactly located. You can contact me here if you are interested in my complimentary online space planning advice.

It's what we do! Hope to hear from you.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Help With Furniture Layout?
9/9/08 03:35 PM

This option has worked for my condo clients. It is a full size sofa by day and a bed at night. All with a 20 inch double mattress air system. Sets up and tears down in minutes. I have a couple other posts on here I think about the sleeper sofa because my clients were so happy with it. You can order the sofas and the sleep system online at a very reasonable cost. The sofa frames are guaranteed for life and are reasonably priced, showroom quality pieces. All my condo clients love this concept.
Pick a sofa, and select from 50 fabrics and add the sleeper sofa option. Check it out. Hope this helps.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Queen Bed as Sofa?
8/11/08 05:31 PM

I love that you didn't cover the brick wall and your use of space is wonderful. One thing to consider with art, that in smaller spaces one larger piece of art can make a space look bigger or a bunch of tiny pieces of art placed together to create the illusion of a larger piece. Great job!

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8/6/08 06:58 AM

I posted a while back when I ran across an article where someone was having trouble finding sofas and living room furniture to fit through tight spaces. I work with these spaces every day as I design rental condos. I have found a company called Simplicity Sofas that is the best. I have not had a space yet that I could not fit their apartment sofa or even their full size sofa in. They arrive unassembled and take 15 minutes to put together and look showroom quality. The solid wood frames have a lifetime warranty. Check them out. They sell online. My clients are very pleased with them.

Apartment Therapy New York | Divon Sofas: The Sofa to Fit Through Your Doorway Boston
8/6/08 06:52 AM

My Dad has a small garden behind his house for growing vegetables, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, etc. He uses coffee grounds and the remains of fresh fish he gets at the grocery.

This may sound gross but he works the fish heads into the dirt in his small garden. 3 feet x 30 feet. His tomato plants grow as tall or taller than me in a matter of weeks and I am almost 6 feet tall. I have tried it at home as well and it works.
There is no smell either!

Apartment Therapy New York | PlantTherapy: Simple Plant Food, for Free
7/14/08 09:49 AM

I have had VERY good luck ordering online for my clients' condos from a company called Simplicity Sofas.

They have traditional, transitional and contemporary styles from full size sofas to apartment size sofas, loveseats, chairs and storage ottomans. And they have over 50 fabrics to choose from. They also have a 20" air sleep system (sleeper sofa) option that is incredible.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Experience with Ordering U.O. Sofas Online?
7/14/08 09:40 AM

I posted for a different article a while back about some sofas I had purchased online from a company in North Carolina for less than $700 to fit in a small spaces. I love them. I have since purchased the additional sleep sofa convertible for $200. It's not the normal pull-out bed that is so uncomfortable it probably wouldn't pass our Consumer Product Safety Commission codes were the foam mattress allows the bars underneath to bruise your shoulders while you sleep? It is an air sleep system that is a double mattress that expands in minutes to twenty inches. It's amazing. Check it out at if you are looking for a truly comfortable sleeper sofa at an incredible price. You might have trouble selecting from the fabric though. I think they have 50 fabrics!

Apartment Therapy New York | Top 10: Sleeper Sofas / Sofa Beds
6/20/08 09:51 AM

I think this is a great idea! Consider your color palettes ...

Wish I had thught of this!

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4/2/08 03:29 PM

I have purchased from an online manufacturer called simplicity sofas. You can see their product here:

They have apartment size high-quality sofas, not IKEA quality. They also have full size living room furniture too. I buy the groups for my condos. The sets arrive in boxes so you can easily get them up stairs or elevators. I assembled the sofa in 10 minutes!! No tools needed. And the quality is awesome. It is all MADE IN THE USA too! High Point, NC

They specialize in small scale sofas and ready-to-assemble sofas, and offer a choice of 50 different fabrics as well as optional slip covers. You can give them your own fabric too! Check it out.

Apartment Therapy New York | Best Sofa Stores
3/8/08 01:40 PM