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Canadian Mango......oooooh, what's this storing with silver particles? Tell us. It sure doesnt hurt to store with silver, but what does it do?

Your Home is Making You Late: 12 Things You Can Do the Night Before Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/12/14 08:20 AM

Picantel, when thawed arent they mushy? I thought they dont freeze well.

Re-Growing Green Onions: Grow Your Scallions Back on Your Windowsill
2/2/12 02:37 PM

We share our home in a forest with deer. So most peels and such go to them in the backyard. My concern is with wet scraps like used tea & coffee, milk gone sour, leftovers...these will attract fireflies and Im certainly not going to refrigerate them! (thats wasting electric power on waste!)

Keeping Food Scraps Out Of The Trash
11/3/11 07:03 AM

Im the only mom who does this. I've got two boys. We night trained the older one by 1.9mos. We used cloth diapers & co sleep and that helps immensely cos once your baby wiggles you know they want to pee. Either that or every 4-5h I would wake up the boy & held a big, wide-mouthed plastic bottle to his penis and would tell him to pee. I had to do that just once a night & would clean up the bottle in the morning -just like cleaning up a potty. It saved us sooo many sheets and diapers plus he was night trained -went completely dry some mos after that.

When (and How) To Totally Stop Using Diapers
Good Questions

10/28/11 07:41 AM

Very cute twins.

Happy Birthday Jasper & Alex
10/12/11 03:58 PM