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Advice needed: I bought a beautiful red 7'x10' kilim on a trip to Istanbul this summer to put on the cream-colored wall-to-wall carpet in my living room. It's under an open glass coffee table and looks gorgeous--gives the room a whole new look. But (1) because kilims are thin, the edges are always puckering or turning up. Past experience indicates that rug grips--those plastic net things--don't work well for keeping an area rug in place on a carpet, only on a bare floor. (2) Also, I worry about its being on top of a thick berber carpet under a coffee table with heavy iron feet that press into the kilim and may damage it over time.

Does anyone know of a place that could cut a floor pad from rigid material, like the thick acrylic used to make rigid mats that go under desks to protect the carpeting from a desk chair? I'm thinking I could put a rug grip between the mat and the carpet and another between the mat and the kilim, which would prevent the iron feet from pressing the kilim into the soft carpeting.

Or is there an accepted way to take care of a problem like this that I haven't heard about? Thanks in advance for any advice!

Bedside Beauties: Oriental Rugs and Kilims in the Bedroom
9/9/11 11:14 PM