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As a custom framer, I can say that acrylic (Plexiglas is a brand name) has come a long way. My personal choice when it is required and best to use on a framing job is Acrylite AR-OP3. This product is UV fliter 99% and also ABRASION can take a piece of 0000 Steel Wool to it and it will not scratch. Optium Acrylic is priced so high it is a piece of 24"x30" retails at $252.44 while AR-OP3 sells for $80.72. Unless you have money to blow, or MUST have that "anti-reflective" property (with a blue cast reflection) wait til the price comes down. Remember, flat screen TV prices a couple of years ago?

Framing Artwork: Glass vs. Plexiglass
9/8/11 10:48 AM