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A large, mixed media abstract art canvas would look fantastic on that wall!

What Should I Do with Big Blank Living Room Wall?
Good Questions

9/10/11 05:50 AM

There are a whole bunch of very effective products available for removing scratches, removing static, cleaning and polishing acrylic. And if a plexi sheet gets damaged beyond what these products can do, it's a simple matter of replacing it. At least it won't break and damage the art.

Though I agree that museum glass is traditionally the most "archival" solution, I think the practical benefits of plexi and other acrylics make it the best solution for a wide range of artworks, especially large pieces.

And for artists who exhibit their work on a regular basis, plexi is the only way to go.

Framing Artwork: Glass vs. Plexiglass
9/8/11 06:07 AM