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I wish fur was the only thing to worry about. I have two cats and a dog who also drag dusty paws, or litter, or other things on the sofas. So I have two Ikea karlstad sofas w/ the cheap white slipcovers and extra slipcovers to switch out every few months to wash. (I go to the states for the covers since they are $39 vs $149 in Canada) I also have blankets on the cushions and the backs of the sofa and wash those every week. Furminator does help, but any brushing would do. I don't mind doing all this because I love white sofas and I love my pets even more. :) BTW- if anyone knows of a good bleach alternative (eco friendly) that actually WORKS, please let me know.

Cat Vs. Couch: Who Wins the Shedding Wars in Your House?
6/21/11 06:06 PM

There is Moukisac from Vancouver, BC. http://moukisac.com/index.php It is a set with a grocery bag and 4 produce bags all in one. I have it bookmarked because I love the concept. Unfortunately, I have way too many reusable bags to even think of buying any more. Anyone know a good way to store all these bags?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Reusable Produce Bags: Credobags and Wonderthunder
3/27/09 11:35 AM