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I ONLY hire movers. I once tried to have family and friends help and it was disastrous. My mattress was destroyed and some furniture was chipped and scratched. They also weren't as motivated to finish and kept sking for pizza and beer as payment. Except, then they became too drunk to finish helping. Le sigh. If you ask friends to help you, you also have to try to coordinate everyone's schedule and its just so tedious. This person can only help for two hours. This person is going to be late. That person doesn't want to lift the heavy stuff. It's all understandable so I avoid being in that scenario.

Now I save up for movers. Since I live alone usually in studios or 1 bedrooms, I do not have a lot of stuff. It takes a short while for two men to move all my stuff for me.

I recently saw a groupon for a discount on a moving company. I regret it only a little that I didn't buy it since I'll be moving in the spring of 2012.

A Moving Story: Friends or Professionals?
9/7/11 03:17 PM