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I like the look of Minimalist spaces, quite a bit. I think monochromatic can be a wonderful design color scheme and is probably the most effective choice for a Minimalist space. the point is to achieve a visually interesting space while using clean and simple lines and surfaces. I however think that by no means does this automatically = pure white everything. A pure white room can absolutely be minimalist but there is also such a thing as a well designed room. I personally disagree strongly that white on every surface = a successful minimalist space. I think a successful minimalist space should include the same things that any other successful space should include. visual interest for one and achieving a sense of comfort preferably. Monochromatic doesnt mean pure white. Monochromatic can be achieved through black, grey's patterns textures and silves. Thinking pure white and minimalist are interchangable shortchanges the potential of miniamlist interiors. I googled "Minimalist Decor" and sure, there were plenty of white spaces but there were more spaces that used pops of color or a combination of shades, textures, and blacks and greys in combiantion with relying on white to give an overall clean effect. I found the first couple statements had large leaps in logic. "perfectionism in interiors equals minimalism, and without stating it outright, therefore somehow also equals all white interiors" I'm not sure if that was a synopsis of a flawed article that actually stated this or a flawed synopsis of a reasonable article but theres flawed logic somewhere and it's not at all accurate in my opinion.

Must Minimalism Equal Pure White?
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2/1/12 04:12 PM

I actually would suggest painting... those high walls can be really tricky so if you would really like a color change, maybe hire painters... if not, just find a really nice decorative pendant light and swap out that fan fixture. Also I would absolutely agree with the gallery wall suggestion... I would google a lot of gallery wall images just for ideas and run with that. That space could be wonderful, great opportunity for transformation.

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9/7/11 01:28 PM