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Who hasn't heard about some intelligent shopper snatching up an art masterpiece at a garage sale for a pittance? And while those types of finds are very uncommon, often little overlooked items could be discovered at yard sales, priced at a pittance. Some healthy spending cash can be made, if one is knowledgeable and knows what to try to find, in selling yard sale treasures. How to spot treasures at garage sales? Some items to look for, according to an eBay user with the moniker al89joe, are old Christmas ornaments, vintage collectible salt and pepper shakers, things made of bakelite, enamelware, glasses and Fireking or Anchor Hocking mugs made of milk glass. More research on eBay should tip you off to other items that get quickly snatched up for good prices.

The Secrets To Successful Garage Sales
9/7/11 06:26 AM