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We are creating an office space now. As soon as it's done the no tech in the bedroom rule will begin. On another note, can anyone tell me where I can get that nightstand?

Tech Disconnect: I'm Banishing My Phone from My Bedside
2/21/14 05:54 PM

Where is that blanket from?

Take the Weekdays Off: The Complete Weekend-Only Cleaning Plan
2/16/14 11:56 AM

Baileys and coffee and crappy magazines and/or too much tv.

What's Your In-Flight Guilty Pleasure?
7/15/13 12:11 PM

in love.

Sophie & Michael Collect, Enjoy & Live House Tour
4/5/13 09:51 PM

Love your space and your dress!

Angie & Josh's Cat & Design Friendly Home House Tour
4/4/13 08:56 PM

Maybe in a designated play room.

Aah or Eek!? Drawing on the Furniture
1/24/13 05:56 PM

The bomb! I have been wanting to do this forever! I just have a toddler and no stump. I can dream...

Before & After: From Stump To Seriously Awesome Side Table 17 Apart
10/17/12 03:09 PM


Before & After: The Power of Color Design *Sponge
10/11/12 01:29 PM

Apartment Therapy posted about that plant.

Logan's "Cool & Collected" Room Room for Color Contest
10/10/12 10:10 PM

Love your space! Where did you get that beautiful bronze sculpture on your mantle?

Logan's "Cool & Collected" Room Room for Color Contest
10/10/12 10:09 PM

I love it! I would copy you if my entry was large enough.

Before & After: Outdated Entry Gets a Hotel Inspired Makeover Junky Vagabond
6/20/12 04:47 PM

Ok. This is pretty darn cute.

Tennis Ball Redo: A DIY Stuff Holder
6/13/12 11:37 AM


A DIY Mad Men Swag Light
6/7/12 03:48 PM

Very cool. I like it! I was thinking stained walnut would be beautiful in my home.

Home Pride: 900 Blok's State Tables
5/31/12 01:46 PM

Cute! Brings back good memories.

Paint By Number Artwork in the Nursery
5/21/12 07:03 PM

Love it! Especially the yellow.

Eleanor's Industrial Warmth Dream Kitchen Inspiration
5/18/12 12:47 PM