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So I came *this* close to buying the Henry Sleeper in Queen size. I tried the sofa, not the sleeper, in-store, and it was comfortable and attractive. No one seemed to know what the mattress is, so I called their customer service. I was transferred to a furniture specialist who still didn't know, but she did learn something that saved us a huge headache: the diagonal depth. If the diagonal depth is wider than your doorway, the sofa won't fit. CB2 has a useful diagram:

The diagonal depth of the Henry Queen Sleeper is 33". Our doorways are 29" wide, which I understand to be pretty standard for second-floor doorways. I always think of sleeper sofas as second-floor furniture, at least in a house - for an office or guest room. But apparently this one is designed for loft apartments and ground floors of homes! Unless you all have wider doorways than I.

The DD is not listed on the website. You have to call and ask. Worth checking for your Twin Sleeper, too!

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