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I have two comments.

1. Damn. Under $60? Excuse me while I sell a kidney to afford these wines.

2. No hyperlinks? I mean, I know I'm lazy, but this is a blog, is it not? An all-text post?

Shopping for Champagnes for the Holidays: 10 Favorite Bottles Under $60
12/15/12 01:26 AM

To the people freaking out about "mixing pets and food" - you do realize that the neatly packaged fillets at your local grocery store were once living, breathing, possibly lushly feathered animals, right? If you couldn't handle knowing an animal before killing and eating it, you probably shouldn't be eating meat.

What's the Deal With Black Chickens?
7/26/12 02:31 PM

I think Protorio nailed it. We feel cheapened when our favorite things - those that remind us of home - make the rounds of commodification.

Design Hipsterism?
Why Do We Stop Liking What's Popular?

7/18/12 01:06 PM

"Frank answers to sticky questions?" Give me a break! My cat could write a more thought-provoking article on porn, or anything else for that matter. Please show Evie the door before I show myself to that door.

Why Does My Partner Watch Porn?
Answers to all the questions you've ever wanted to ask about your relationships

5/12/12 11:15 PM

Gorgeous! I am in love.

Jennifer's Gathering Place Small Cool Contest
4/9/12 08:41 PM

This is beautiful!

Powder Coat for Extra Personalization

12/12/11 05:49 PM

Waterlox is a good product for sealing wood to a waterproof, food-safe finish. I use it on my wood countertops.

How To: Create a Repurposed Wine Crate Planter
10/21/11 09:33 PM

@ Angel Raphael,

You don't have to be well off. My entire condo has only 11 light bulbs, including lamps. Think smaller.

Would You Pay $25 for an LED Lightbulb?
10/19/11 12:52 AM

I kinda feel about LED bulbs how I initially felt about first-generation CFL bulbs - the light is not soft enough. I would gladly buy them if I didn't feel like they made my home into a Wal-Mart.

Would You Pay $25 for a LED Lightbulb?
10/18/11 04:08 PM

Alright I have to say that thing does not look terribly like the Space Needle. Is that puny little disc supposed to be the lower deck? And where is the base/lobby? Come on Lego...

Imagination Builder: Lego's Architecture Series
10/7/11 04:18 PM

I totally agree about that shelving. Where is it from?

Home Habits: Finding Your Little Corner
9/29/11 05:48 PM

These are fantastic. One of the more inspiring DIY posts recently.

The Endlessly Adaptable IKEA Rast Dresser
9/19/11 07:33 PM

This is very irresponsible. The zinc coating on galvanized metal can leach into food and cause heavy metal poisoning when consumed. This post should be taken down.

Green Style: Galvanized Tin Tubs
9/2/11 04:53 AM