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From Wikipedia: The name derives from the Breton words for cake ("kouign") and butter ("amann"). Kouign-amann is a speciality of the town Douarnenez in Finistère, in the west of France, where it originated in around 1860.

How to Make Kouign Amann at Home Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
6/11/13 05:02 PM

I really, really want this too!

Win: Edgeware Adjustable Knife Sharpener Set Holiday Giveaway
11/28/12 08:12 PM

I could use a good blender.....

Win: Oster Versa Performance Blender Holiday Giveaway
11/28/12 08:11 PM

One way I deal with varying egg sizes is to just use a scale. Well generally I find using a scale just makes things that much easier and the results are more predictable and if a recipe calls for extra large eggs and I only have large or medium (or buy from the farmer's market), I just use as many eggs as required to get close to the right weight. If you want to be as precise as possible and need to add less less than a whole egg to reach the correct weight, just lightly scramble the egg first and measure it out like any other ingredient.

Baker's Tip: Does Egg Size Really Matter?
3/22/12 05:27 PM

A fourth four refrigerating the dough...12-36 hours (even 4 hours results in a better cookie), but I find that 24 hours is the best for getting a nice combination of crisp, golden edges and but chewy centers. The refrigeration also helps the cookie to brown more nicely than if you bake right away (paler cookies).

Help Me Make Better Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies
Good Questions

1/4/12 09:58 AM

I also use a cast iron skillet....but I find it easier (and less risk of ruining the pizza/a serious burn) to put the pizza together in the cold skillet and then heat on the stovetop for 3-5 minutes--by the time the crust on the bottom is browned the skillet is pretty hot. The pizza then goes under the broiler for another 5 or so until the crust gets nice and brown with a few charmed spots. Perfect crust on the bottom and perfectly cooked pizza on top.

Want Awesome Pizza? Turn Up The Oven
12/14/11 04:13 PM

edit: In either case you probably *want to* have a different cutting board....

How To Keep Contaminants Out of the Kitchen
10/10/11 12:23 PM

@KathiSue Which cutting board you use is a matter of personal choice. Professionals have been saying for years that wood is bad, but many studies have been done to prove that makes wood just as safe as plastic when basic food safety is observed (and both are equally unsafe when not). As someone else stated, pathogens are absorbed into the wood below the cutting surface, trapped there, and eventually die (wood has natural antibacterial properties).

In either case you probably have a different cutting board for raw meat (and apparently raw fruits/veggies with the listeria outbreak), and also replace once the surfaces become deeply grooved with cuts.

How To Keep Contaminants Out of the Kitchen
10/10/11 12:21 PM

@jenniferbnyc I believe the location services being referred to in tip #1 is just the GPS service for apps, such as google maps, photo, twitter, 'find my (i)phone', etc. if you have them turned on. turning off those location services will not prevent emergency rescue responders from being able to locate you. Instead, they rely on information from cell towers (minimum) and something called PSAPs (newest technology). not everyone uses a smartphone these days and the ones with GPS are still not entirely accurate.

Conserve Phone Battery During Power Outage
8/29/11 10:33 AM