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Hmm. The shelving and the vibrant lime green (as opposed to old school pea green) popping against the B&W are screaming now. However, that fern does not! Ultimately, I voted "Now," although I think that fern's gonna come back to bite me.

My first thought was 90's, since I remember a lot of ferns in the mid-90's, and the color scheme could have fallen in that decade too, but the shelving still said now to me.

Sigh, I never get these right.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Guess the Decade: White Living Room
4/18/08 06:27 PM

Potentially, if nothing else, you could buy two of the side tables and have an oval glass top cut for them.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Coffee Table-Sized Moebius Table?
4/14/08 10:57 PM

I think the main thing is the use of "non-Christmasy" shades of red and green. Note the shades of lime, olive, and grass. The green throw on one of the papasan-style chairs is the only really Christmasy green I see.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Flickr Find: Red and Green Color Combo for A Small Apartment
4/10/08 08:08 PM

Jamilkb, that's my question! Eeep! :)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Mason Bee House
4/4/08 07:08 AM

I don't think a single person has shown their bathroom yet. What's up with that?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #2 - Lizzie's Cozy Chicago Hideaway
4/4/08 06:57 AM


I moved in to my new house about a month ago, and promptly had my bedroom painted a flat slate gray. The master bath, however, remained the same color it had previously been, a hideous neutral shade (nothing against neutrals, I love them, but this one was hideous), that did not provide for a cohesive "master suite" look. I thought doing gray in there as well would look to bland, so I settled on a high-gloss black.

I've not delved into the project yet, as I'm absolutely wiped from the entire homebuying process (it's my first). But once I feel up to it, it's going black, baby! I'm thinking of using a lot of silver, circular shapes on the walls as art... clocks, rims, gears and spokes...what do you think?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! A Black Bathroom
3/7/08 07:43 AM