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Oh what the heck, IKEA Expedit (or whatever this newfangled substitute is – Kallax). A 4 x 4 or 5 x 5 against the wall is sturdy enough to be stable, its double-depth means it will swallow up everything without taking up much floor space, and you also have the option to put in drawers and cupboards at will. Also, you can pack it up and take it with you when you move – you can't do that with wall shelves.

How To Attach Wall Shelves Without Drilling Into Walls? Good Questions
7/17/14 06:19 PM

While we're on the subject, can anyone explain to be the passion for putting sinks under a window (which precludes an over-sink drainer of course). How much of the day do most people spend washing up for goodness sake?

Good Questions: Over the Sink Drying Racks?
6/27/14 08:52 AM

IKEA used to do an even better over-sink drainer, which hangs on a double-bar, with other fittings such as a small shelf where I keep jams etc and a steel pot where I keep all my clunky utensils like can-openers. I brought it when I moved house and yes, the tap was too high but I changed the tap – the drainer was too perfect to lose.

Looking around, these are pretty nice if you want to put the drainer in a cupboard: http://www.elletipi.com/catalogo_en.asp?tipo=20

Good Questions: Over the Sink Drying Racks?
6/27/14 08:50 AM

Be careful – check before grinding down in case asbestos was used. Skimming over should be easy and relatively cheap but use a professional.

How Can I Hide Horrible Texture on Focal Wall? Good Questions
6/2/14 12:15 PM

One suggestion to add to all the sensible stuff above. Wall-mount your TV. It'll de-clutter the room and when you're watching you can think of the room as a home cinema, no need for windows. For daytime, it could be hidden behind louvred shutters. An led light inside might even convince you that you've chosen to shut out the bright sunlight!

Alternatively, take inspiration from the chapel of the Medici-Riccardi palace and go wild: http://www.abbeville.com/interiors.asp?ISBN=0789201399&CaptionNumber=05

Suggestions for Decorating Windowless Living Room? Good Questions
5/16/14 10:34 AM

Leave the blinds in place and add nice floaty white voiles of a weight that suits you for maximum flexibility. Windows open/blinds down, windows closed/blinds up etc etc. Voiles alone would usually be enough privacy for some windows but having the capacity to close blinds would solve every problem.

Window Treatment Ideas for Garage Studio? Good Questions
5/6/14 12:28 PM

I agree with the person who said best Before and After ever. I'm seldom convinced but this one, yes!

Before & After: From Beige Dresser to Faux Card Catalog Bookcase
4/27/14 02:46 PM

Very good looking apartment that reminded me of something... Finally got it – Woody Allen movie!

Lindsey's Life in the West Loop House Call
4/26/14 07:39 AM

Parents will definitely need to do the tidying every time if they want the artful arrangements shown here. Though I suppose it gives them a pay-off when it's done just right. Personally, a big box with a lid for toys, books always in reach and a wall full of pictures would do it for me.

Kids Room 'Shelfspiration': 5 Rooms That Do It Right
4/25/14 04:44 AM

If anyone else is considering a domino hob, can I suggest a plug-in induction one? Super-fast, economical and you can put it in any position - or even temporarily in a cupboard if you need the space. Really flexible in a small space - and you can even add a single if needed.

Jennifer's Kitchen: The Home Stretch Renovation Diary
4/24/14 02:27 PM

I can imagine a lot of cursing putting those sliding panels up, and a lot more when they're in place. I'd definitely go for boxes that hold your more shameful secrets. And Tupperware? I always think I need plastic boxes but mostly I really don't - and they are the most unsatisfying things to wash up. In the fridge a beautiful bowl - with clingfilm on if necessary - usually does the trick.

Ideas for Adding DIY Panels to Open Cabinets? Good Questions
4/22/14 03:36 PM

Great view so face seating away from it? I was hoping for something a little more imaginative.

Before & After: A Roof Deck Transformation Sweeten
4/17/14 06:33 AM

Wouldn't it be great if some employers would take the hint and make it possible for key workers to bring their babies to work?

Make it Work: 8 Combination Nursery & Office Shared Spaces
4/17/14 06:27 AM

Looks nice as it is. I'd only close off the bottom three squares and perhaps that middle space. For the bottom three it's work checking out IKEA etc online just in case you're lucky but the higher one could be custom made – perhaps even with push-me-pull- you drawers.

Where Can I Get Custom-Sized Baskets or Boxes? Good Questions
4/17/14 06:20 AM

Jennifer, you seem to be getting a lot of flak for your budget. I gulped myself when I saw it (I did my own kitchen of around the same size on around $6-12,000). But it's your money, your kitchen, your choice and you're the one that has to be happy with the final result. So good luck and enjoy your transformation!

The Budget for Jennifer's Small Space Kitchen Renovation Renovation Diary
4/11/14 02:05 PM

In terms of how-to, fixings very much depends on the nature of your wall and how it's constructed. If you're not confident, it's probably one to leave for a professional. One tip – if you have a wall of books beside your bed and the bottom of it will be masked from view, a bottom shelf six inches or so from the floor gives a great space underneath for storing shoes, freeing up closet space.

Small Space Secrets: Swap Your Bookcases for Wall Mounted Shelving
4/11/14 01:55 PM

Looks like there are cheaper ones around and DIY options using MDF instead of wood http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=radiator%20cover&sprefix=radiator+%2Caps&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aradiator%20cover

Affordable Ideas for Childproofing Radiators? Good Questions
4/11/14 08:21 AM

Woah! I hope no one in the flat above mine follows these instructions. Even professional companies have great difficulty in ensuring that no tiny cracks and fissures develop in conrete. And when water starts seeping down into electrics below...

I'm sure this shower was very well put together but suggesting any enthusiastic amateur wouldn't be setting themselves (and their neighbours) up for a whole world of pain... Count me out.

DIY Bathroom Renovation: How to Build a Custom Tiled Shower Pan Apartment Therapy Tutorials
4/8/14 05:35 PM

As someone who's recently done a kitchen revamp at around this size, can I recommend a few ideas that make good use of space and won't break the bank? Anyone can take them or leave them as they like but they worked for me.
1. A plug-in 2-ring induction cooktop burner (who ever uses 4 rings at once?) This can be stored upright when not in use so you regain a lot of worktop space for prep.
2. A 1.5 or double steel sink with removable chopping board/drainer etc.
3. A small wall-hung drainer over the sink.
4. IKEA has redone their kitchen range since I did my kitchen but I can heartily recommend their sinks and wall-hung systems and cheapest beech countertops
5. I see you like open shelving, as do I. IKEA's Ekby Jarpen/Bjarnum combo is very economical. The shelf in reach is for stuff used everyday. I have to wash the bistro-style stacks of china above before use as well as after but that's fine!
6. I bought base cabinets with doors and wire basket drawers that mean nothing gets lost at the back of a cupboard (and inside drawers doesn't get gross). http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30035908/ Push comes to shove, if you don't have space for doors opening you can just buy the carcases and use curtains in front.
7. I also saved space with their Genast plug-in combined oven/microwave but I don't think they do it in the US. If you don't bake much, a halogen cooker that can be used, washed and stored under the counter might be worth considering.
8. If there's no view out that window, and not much light coming in, I would think about replacing the curtain with frosted film, leaving an clear border round the edge.

Good luck!

Introducing Jennifer's Kitchen Renovation Renovation Diary
4/8/14 03:22 PM

Awww. I loved the Liberace-look Before. The After just looks like a page in a magazine; the Before looked like the inside of a truly fabulous mind!

Before & After: A Dramatic Small Space Makeover... and What Makes it Work Lonny
4/4/14 03:42 AM