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The natural light from the good size window really enhances the color scheme. Fantastic claw foot tub - wish I had an old bathroom with such a relic to save!

Before & After: Andi & Dean's Master Bath on a Budget
9/30/11 12:07 PM

My comment was undeveloped because this really is a good topic for an economics/politics/sociology major to use for a graduate paper but generally I think in a country smaller than a number of US cities it is much easier to agree how taxes are spent... and even then as TheOneFromFinland elaborated, there is still disagreement.

Finland's Baby Boxes for Expectant Mothers: A Nation's Gift
9/27/11 02:58 PM

The boxes are lovely, especially the aspect of providing baby a sleeping space! While I agree that American families could be better supported in terms of leave and so on it is interesting to compare numbers such as Finland population, female 2,736,860 - USA population, female 156,533,988... that's like 57 times greater right? Obviously not all are expecting at the same time however the scope of such an endeavour is more feasible in a country the size of Finland. Of course someone mentioned Russia does something similar but this comment is too long already!

Finland's Baby Boxes for Expectant Mothers: A Nation's Gift
9/26/11 06:35 PM

The vintage wall art is sweet and the bed is a great statement. Curtains from vintage linens (mentioned above) will be a lovely addition and connect the pillows and other decor. Fun and special room for your daughter!

Milla's Cozy & Eclectic Small Space
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8/24/11 02:54 PM