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I think we got the London-Paris-NY prints from (inexpensive print-ordered with frame).

Cody & Kamie's North Beach Hideaway
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12/1/11 12:43 AM

Oh and the doormat is from

Cody & Kamie's North Beach Hideaway
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8/24/11 12:46 AM

I'll try to answer some of the inquiries.... first, thanks for the nice compliments. Homes are always so much work, and we do what we can!!!

1. The spiky light on the credenza came from a sample sale... there is no brand name on it that I can tell... it's made from sliced coconut!

2. Red/brown ruffly pillows are... from Pier One.

3. The wall mount sink is Lacava. I believe we purchased most of our bathroom fixtures from

4. The cork circles side cabinet is a reproduction of a piece originally designed by Iannone Design. I built it to learn more about the materials and want to make sure that interested readers check out his design/work. His work is inspirational to me... beautiful to say the least!

4. Bed in master is just a slatted frame.

5. The origin of the white chairs is unknown! We picked them up at a yard sale... and pinned a thick white canvas/material around the cushions.

6. Bathroom wood vanity... I made it custom for the space. It's made from 3/4" bamboo plywood and less expensive maple plywood for the interior and unexposed walls. The top is Chroma Crystal White and sink is Kohler.

7. The aluminum sliding doors are made by Milgard.

8. Kids table and chairs came from

9. The kitchen was not photographed for a reason!!! It's 70s style oak cabinets are in need of a big update! And, the yellowish paint in the dining room is the color from the previous owner, so can't make note of the accurate color.

10. Some of you are absolutely correct. Our house is generally more "lived in" with misc clutter and toys scattered about. In fact... right next to the lovely white chairs (not photographed) is a trampoline and play area that take up half the room!

11. You might be right on the breed of our cat. He's 17 years old and came from my grandmothers farm.... we never really did know!

Cody & Kamie's North Beach Hideaway
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8/24/11 12:29 AM