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I have those chairs, and my previous landlord required that everything in his precious historic-registry home have felt on the bottom. So we used some of the smallest adhesive felt pads, and that satisfied him. But they didn't stay on very well, and my biggest issue with them is that the adhesive was a bit larger than the chair's feet, and dust bunnies got stuck to them all the time. Not a good look.

I now have my Gilbert chairs on a linoleum floor that no one cares about, so they're feltless.

But I have a friend who has similarly small-footed chairs, and she just takes 4-6'' squares of thick felt and ties them on with string. They look like little pouches on every foot. It looks very cute, kind of cottage-y. Plus, you can choose any color combination you want.

I'm not sure how well it would work with Gilbert, but you might try some of the great, durable ideas from other commenters and if you want to cuten them up, try tying some felt covers around the feet.

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8/20/12 03:55 PM

I love that window. Do you think any old window could be made to look that great, say by adding decorative molding?

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2/27/12 04:50 PM

I am with Crosberg: Steelcase chairs fit the bill. They're stylish but admittedly not as cute as a vintage chair; they're ├╝bercomfortable and adjustable without all the wands, knobs, and bars of the Aeron; they're not cheap, but they're not as much as most of the chairs DWR carries, for instance.

I have the Think chair in white and platinum. I use it every day, so it fits my practical needs, and it looks light and happy in my home office. I was able to check it out at a Steelcase dealer before ordering, and they gave me their 10% off.

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1/19/12 05:08 PM

I got my tufted couch from Consigned Home Furnishings here in Portland, Ore. I don't know if they ship to other areas of the country, but you can have the sectional created to your exact specifications and for within your price range, I think. http://www.consignedhomefurnishings.com/

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10/19/11 06:50 PM

I have a ModTable (FlexTable). I bought just the base and added an all-wood Ikea top. With a friend, it was fairly easy to assemble, looks great, and comes in at a much lower price point than some of these other options, which are certainly beautify and sturdy looking.

I have the hand-crank option (instead of the electric one), and it's very easy to hoist up with my oversized Mac, task lamp, small wood chest of drawers, and various other items (modem, external hard drives, papers) on it. And the ModTable now comes in bright red, which is saucy. http://heightadjustableworktable.com/

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10/13/11 04:39 PM

I'm also excited about these "slumber pufs" (like knit bean-bag chairs): http://www.flipflipmeheidi.com/2011/09/super-lovely-slumber-puf/

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9/16/11 08:35 PM

I ordered this one from Aspen Home. I love the natural-wood top and the cup pulls (handles). It's set to be delivered next week, so I'm really hoping it's as great as it looks. It weighs 170 lbs, so I believe it's all wood (no particleboard). Or maybe it's lined with lead. Here's the link.

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8/23/11 05:33 PM