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Skip the Kenmore! We bought this last summer. The wheels for moving it around are on the front instead of on the side . The grill practically tips over when moving it.The grates slide around as you try to flip your burgers etc. Small grill idea is great but THIS design is flawed.

Summer Essentials: 9 Small Space Grills
4/15/14 06:34 AM

As a grandmother of 7 soon to be 8 grandkids, I try to fall somewhere in the middle with my buying. I like wooden toys that seem to cost big bucks. I do buy Elmo for one of the kids. Elmo is everything to this child. Charlie and Lola are favorites of mine. I spend part of the summer in Scotland and stock up on gifts of Charlie and Lola books and toys. Disney as such is not our style. I have Grover from the 70's tucked away. Old 70& 80's Fischer Price are played with every visit.

Elmo vs. Grover: My Ambiguous Disdain for Licensed Character Toys
2/22/12 05:03 PM

I have Toy Fair envy!

A Toy Snob Visits the Toy Fair (And Awards Fake Prizes)
2/15/12 02:39 PM

MY favorite blog. I'm ahem, probably old enough to be her mother! I gather so much wisdom and knowledge from Amanda. I love her books. My grandchildren have been the lucky recipients of many projects. Amanda's books make great gifts.

Meet Amanda Soule of SouleMama
Big Blog Family

8/23/11 01:25 PM