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The twee, it burns!

Don't Want to Get Your Cookbook Dirty? Temporary Recipe Tattoos Are the Answer
5/16/14 12:04 AM

It looks interesting. I'd try it. It's not going to revolutionize food as we know it, though.

Remember when Dippin Dots were marketed aggressively as the "ice cream of the future?" Turns out not that many people were interested in millions of little Hamster Turds of Freezer Burn. If wikipearls catch on, it won't be for more than 10 minutes.

WikiPearls: The Ice Cream of the Future
7/28/13 07:41 PM

I agree on the agar agar. steeping some lime zest in the pie filling might help too (and would likely thicken it up a bit).

If you're losing the flavor a bit, consider adding a touch more salt to the filling.

Advice for Making Vegan Key Lime Pie? Good Questions
4/19/13 08:23 PM

Corned beef hash, which is really quite versatile--you can add potatoes to make it less "meat-meat-meat," add other ingredients like peppers...or better yet, beets!

A couple components of the standard English breakfast are beans and sauteed mushrooms. Also tasty.

Peanut butter with bananas. (My own go-to breakfast on the run.)

Would corn be considered a grain? Grits are HEAVENLY.

What Are Some Good Breakfasts Without Grains or Eggs? Good Questions
10/2/12 04:40 PM

WHAAAAAAAAAT. This is awesome.

And I knew even before looking at the comments that half of them would be, "Pfft, so what? Real cooks--pros like me--use the shell-to-shell method. I AM NONPLUSSED, SIR."

The Best Trick Ever For Separating Eggs Video
8/24/12 02:46 PM

If you use a vitamix, you don't strictly *need* to strain, since the blender is so efficient at pulverizing and liquifying everything placed inside; still, you'll be left with a slight chalky aftertaste if you go this route.

DIY Nut Milks: 5 Easy Recipes
8/24/12 01:39 PM

Back when I lived in Malawi, I'd eat fresh mandazi with maple syrup as an occasional breakfast treat. So good. (The maple syrup was shipped over by loving family members back in the US.)

Mandazi (Kenyan Doughnuts) Word of Mouth
8/23/12 11:00 AM

What do the pros use for larger-scale commercial production of one-gallon-plus at a time?

Shopping for Ice Cream Makers: 5 Models We've Reviewed
5/28/12 08:24 PM

I've been toying with the idea of starting a food blog and offering downloadable/printable recipe cards (Google Docs) with each recipe post. One idea that could work well with this, would be to invite readers to send in suggested modifications/variations on these recipes (on their own recipe cards--which would be added to an ever-growing post). Blurs the line between a blog and a community.

Are Food Blogs Over? Food News
3/29/12 12:42 PM

If I'm having lunch with someone, I make a point of switching to my phone's "Flight Mode." I won't be able to make or receive calls or texts, and the phone's internet connection is disabled, so I will neither be tempted to check email, nor will I receive any email or social media notifications.

If, however, I want to use my phone to take a photo, to save contact information, or to share photos of friends and family stored on the phone, I have that option.

Table Manners: A New Cellphone Etiquette?
Los Angeles Times

2/24/12 03:34 PM

That's it. Food has jumped the shark.

Buffalo Wing Cupcakes: A Savory Super Bowl Snack
2/1/12 09:46 AM

When I lived in Malawi, the kids used to do this with mangoes.

Lunch Surprise: Write a Secret Message on a Banana
8/22/11 07:47 PM

Romie - YES, 100%. I agree wholeheartedly.

Now then, what goes inside the ice cream sandwich? I'm thinking peanut butter cookie dough...or perhaps a strawberry reduction in heavy whipped cream.

Try This! Ice Cream Sandwiches with a Secret
8/22/11 07:17 PM