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Interesting idea with the cork!
Have you seen the cork post on *Terramia*?
Innovative ideas there too --

I just like to fold a nice paper in half and write a sentimental note or quote on the inside, personal to each guest. It makes them all feel special!

Cork Placecard Holders
5/25/07 11:24 AM

Me too, madtea party! my neighbor smokes as well. anyone?

Open Your Windows!
5/8/07 07:20 PM

Laila - thanks! sounds delicious.

Virtual CSA Box: Collard Greens
5/8/07 07:16 PM

Hey! I bookmarked this from here as an inspiring DIY project (since I discovered its so super pricey!):

Could you just paint vintage frames (flea market!) a bright white and create a collage of b&w photos to duplicate the effect?

Antix Multiframe
5/8/07 07:15 PM

i have the ikea ps betso and rate it a good one. but this is a pretty swank space saver for a balcony that i just came across -

anyone have experience with this or is it just another one of those prototype designs?

Top Ten: Good Looking Grills
5/4/07 01:08 PM

I love Molo's softwall! But *Terramia* has some contending selections on her blog as well. She did a cool post a bit ago which compelled me to consider buying one. Christopher Douglas makes a wicked Flipper screen too.

Top Ten: Room Dividers
4/24/07 04:09 PM

I am enjoying this new addition to AT.
I just finished perusing Terramia's collection of desk spaces on her blog- inspiring.
The art in the room is my favorite.

#4 - Cathrine's Home-y Office
4/16/07 11:48 AM

I saw that :Hood Chair: on *Terramia* a wee bit ago and bookmarked it under unique favs!
It looks cool. Maybe not that functional with the warm weather creeping up on us, but original nonetheless.
That ufo lamp is outta sight!

Slinksn. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
4/13/07 12:35 PM