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This is the comment i sent to the company:
After using this product a few days and multiple times, I can say with complete honesty and confidence that it is NOT "easy to use" "efficient" or "time saving". It takes a lot of effort to make sure that the pod stays sturdy, even on the floor, while spinning the handle. The whole thing wobbles and the handle youre using to spin cracks and pops and comes out of alignment. The plastic on it was chipping off every time I unsnapped the handles! It doesn't hold that many clothes in it, 4 T-shirts and some socks is about its not very effective for jeans or sweaters...which are worn too, and need washing just like t-shirts. It also takes entirely too long to fill the bucket, over and over again with multiple attempts to get things clean. It wasnt able to clean deodorant off my boyfriends t-shirts, or dirt off my running pants heels. These items will have to be laundered at the nearest laundry mat...which is what we wanted to avoid. I'm severely disappointed in this product. And unless in the next two days something drastic happens and it miraculously cleans my delicates a bit better, it will be returned to the store, with a whole hearted "DO NOT BUY" comment from me. It had potential to be awesome. But it fell far far from it.

The Laundry Pod: A Hand-Powered Washing Machine
International Home & Housewares Show 2011

8/20/11 06:22 PM