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We have a nice bamboo dining table from Crate and Barrel. We had a piece of glass cut to fit the top. You can see this wood grain and it's easy to sponge down. The only bad part is that we do have to take it off when we have to put the leaf in. So it's table cloth time for big parties.

What's Better: Vinyl or Cloth Placemats? Good Questions
7/11/14 04:51 PM

I agree with jenini86. You can't leave your kid unsupervised for one second in this wealthy suburb without being yelled at. A phone on the kid's wrist isn't going to change that, as much as I'd like it to.

A Wearable Phone So Your Kids Can Play Outside Design News
5/1/14 12:15 AM

I have ton of childrens VHS movies, mostly Disney movies. Are these worth donating? Can people even play these? We don't own a player anymore.

10 Mindful Habits for a Lighter Life Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/14/14 02:58 PM

These are all really fantastic tips! Thanks so much for taking the time to put them in writing for me. I'm feeling a more optimistic and excited now. Thank you!

Rhapsodic Boheme: Tween Room Inspiration Board
2/3/14 01:11 AM

My 10 year old tween wants to redo her room, which I originally decorated when I was pregnant with her. This is fine, but all she wants is tween trendy stuff, like zebra stripe bedding, hot pink walls and turquoise curtains. She would never go for the global chic look above. She wants her room to look like a Justice store (blech). I told her we would decorate over the summer, so we have a few months to find a compromise. I perfer this redo to last through her teen years. I'm open to any advice on how to negotiate with an opinionated tween!

Rhapsodic Boheme: Tween Room Inspiration Board
1/31/14 03:58 PM

The bedding is Batavia Citrine Duvet Collection from DwellStudio, but they don't sell it anymore.

The First Step: Create a Project List The January Cure: Assignment #1
1/2/14 04:26 PM

I have a patterned FLOR rug under the table. You can't see the crumbs and you can wash off the tile in the sink when baby spits a full glass of milk on it.

Are Dining Areas With Rugs Over-Designed, or Functional?
12/4/13 04:32 PM

I'm in OC too. See you there sapirch!

\"Japanese Ikea\" Aki-Home Opens First US Stores in Orange County Design News 11.14.13
11/14/13 04:38 PM

Where are all the people freaking out about painting the trim white? AT, I don't even know you anymore!

Consuelo's Contemporary Echo Park Craftsman Home House Tour
11/5/13 02:06 AM

Lou lou bells, I wouldn't want to staple the airplants because then it would be hard to water. You'd have to water the whole frame.

How To \"Frame\" Airplants Apartment Therapy Tutorials
10/28/13 05:53 PM

Beautiful! Where is the herringbone rug in the living from? Thanks.

Jordan, Chris & Quigley's Designer Flat House Tour
10/23/13 06:02 PM

Regarding Gillianne's comment, she sounds "tempermental and uninhibited" like a Northeasterner.

Quick Quiz: What's Your \"State\" of Mind?
10/23/13 04:10 PM

Another Georgia result here! Surprising since I'm a multi-generation Southern Californian who has never been to the South except for some conferences in Atlanta. My theory is that the outgoing friendliness of SoCal persons is getting lumped into Southern hospitality.

Quick Quiz: What's Your \"State\" of Mind?
10/23/13 03:43 PM

Certain projects are only for the outdoors. Anything with glitter is one of them. I try to keep beading and play-doh outdoors also, but those keep sneaking inside.

Party DIY: Confetti Dipped Balloons Studio DIY
10/22/13 12:09 AM

I feel bad for you. I did the same thing, only it was on top of my own brand new dresser that I just bought from West Elm. I had a towel down, but the nail polish remover splashed and soaked through the towel. Then I wiped it and completely made it worse. At some point, I should sand down the top and repaint it, but I'm worried about matching the white and the durability of the finish. So actually, it will probably never happen. I'm so sorry this happened!

How Do I Fix Nail Polish Remover Acetone Damage on Vintage Table? Good Questions
10/2/13 01:03 PM

Teal is already here. For this summer's decorating "cure," I redid our guest bathroom. My color scheme involved teal. I was able to shop for teal curtains, towels, soap pumps and other accessories at all the big box decorating places: Target, Pier 1, World Market, etc. It's nice actually that everyone is on the same page.

Some Thoughts on Fashion Week, Plus Color Forecasting Color Therapy
9/30/13 01:08 PM

There's a long history of natural indigo in Japan too. I named my daughter Indigo (she's half Japanese) so I've looked into this history.

What's the Deal With Indigo? A Brief History of a Very Old Color
9/25/13 01:29 PM

Um, I'm still working on the Style Cure for my guest bathroom. It's taken us 3 weekends to paint because, well, we're lousy painters. (That line between the ceiling and walls is really hard to get right!) Hopefully we'll finish in time to start the Kitchen Cure.

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9/24/13 02:41 PM

I hope we get to see The Great Gatsby bedroom update when it is finished!

Celeste & David's Modern Pin-up Pad House Tour
9/17/13 02:24 PM

Nice! What color paint is the gray? Thanks.

A Refreshing Aqua & Orange Boy's Nursery My Room
9/13/13 05:05 PM