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I actually have a large persian rug in my living room that lays on top of wall-to-wall carpeting. Similarly, our carpet is really stained and beat up, so I prefer the rug. HOWEVER, be warned that the rug starts to do some goofy things when it is laid on carpet if you put any furniture on top of it. We have a coffee table on top of it, and the table that our TV sits on also has 2 legs on the carpet. Because the rug is not laid over a hard surface, this has caused the rug to pucker and wrinkle in a way that can sometimes be really annoying. It has also started to curl at the corners, and I do feel like if I had kids, it would be a trip hazard. Something to be aware of.
In my room, which also has wall-to-wall carpet, I have a flat weave rug that does much better. I don't have any furniture on it, so it lays nicely. Good luck!

Are Rugs on Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Really that Bad? Good Questions
3/4/14 09:56 AM

I like their style- but do these people actually LIVE in this house or what? I'm all for eliminating clutter, but I like a little more stuff around to prove that it's not a hotel. Or did they just hide everything away when styling their home for the shoot?

Cody & Kamie's North Beach Hideaway
House Tour

8/19/11 04:48 PM