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I've traveled A LOT for business. Keep it simple-dried fruit and nuts, candied ginger and baby carrots will fit in a handbag and won't attract attention from TSA. For car trips, we pack whatever is in the pantry; cheese, crackers, cut-up fruit and vegetables. Leftover grilled chicken makes everyone happy and keeps us out of McD. Corn and bean salad is good for a day without refrigeration.

What's Your Healthiest & Most Reliable Travel Snack? Reader Intelligence Request
6/16/14 09:56 PM

OMG. The stove!!!

Gigi's Candy-Colored London Cottage House Tour
5/30/14 12:14 PM

This method works for me-
About once a year, I take EVERYTHING out of the closet and put it on the bed. Vacuum well.. Then I assess every article before I put it back in the closet and group them according to item:pants, shirts, dresses, jackets. Within these groups, they are sub-grouped by color. This helps me to assess what I need and what I don't. Additionally, it gets the extra hangers from the dry cleaners out of the closet..........and it's like going shopping. I often find things I've worn a couple of times and forgotten about because they got shoved behind something else.

The Shopping Bag Method for Staying Clutter-Free
5/9/14 01:53 PM

This technique works well in a room with gabled ceilings. All the rooms on the top floor of my house are painted a single color because there's no real way to differentiate between the walls and the ceiling. The woodwork is contrasting.

It feels claustrophobic in a squared-off room.

Try This: Paint Your Ceiling the Same Color as Your Walls
5/2/14 10:18 AM

Closed cabinets were developed in the Victorian era to keep dishes and glasses clean. Besides the visual "busy-ness" of open shelving, I can only imagine the greasy buildup on pots that hang over a stove and how dirty the dishes get.

20 Organized Kitchens from Real Cooks Organization Inspiration from The Kitchn
4/15/14 10:48 AM

Most Parisian apartments are tiny, even by NYC standards.....and the ones in the old buildings with herringbone floors and the fabulous windows don't have closets.....

How To Decorate Like a Parisian
2/18/14 01:04 PM

I first saw the bath/shower combo in a luxury hotel China in 2004. Loved it so much I copied it when I remodeled my bathroom in 2008. Contractors thought I was crazy, but it was well worth the extra $$ for plumbing and fixtures. When it was finished, the plumber said he liked it so much he was going to redo his own bathroom! It's the closest thing to an outdoor shower you can have indoors, and it's really nice to rinse the bubble bath off after a bath!

Bathroom Trend: A Tub Inside The Shower
2/13/14 04:11 PM

I mix chopped dates into cashew-peanut butter. So delicious!!!

How To Make Homemade Peanut Butter Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
1/15/14 11:06 AM

To those of you who don't own a Pantone TPX book: the actual color is quite different from what's on the screen. It's almost identical to the nail polish I keep in my desk drawer, Essie's Splash of Grenadine. Either you love pink or you don't ;)))

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2014!
12/6/13 12:21 PM

Adam, I'm a HUGE fan of your chandeliers!!! What a treat to see the rest of your home. Your NY show is on my calendar, hope to get a chance to meet you there....

Adam's DIY Ode To Ornamentalism House Tour
9/29/13 11:03 AM

I'm with @Esan. As an allergy sufferer, I will never have wall-to-wall carpet. It holds its weight in dirt even if you vacuum every day.

Dead animal skin rugs? Gross. Same goes for taxidermy outside of a hunting cabin

Fake plants? Shudder. If you can't keep a plant alive (that would be me), fresh flowers, dried flowers, beautiful branches, bowls of fruit, or baskets of pine cones or shells will do the trick.

Painted wood? Love it. Not all wood is meant to stand on its own. Especially pine.

Reproductions? Hang whatever makes you happy on your walls. Just remember there is a lot of cheap art out there. Kid's drawings can be stunning when framed well, old manuscripts, travel photos, bits of antique textiles. Think out of the box. It's art if you say it is.

Five Controversial Decor Items (And Why You May Want Them)
6/9/13 03:02 PM

This research is anecdotal at best. In order for the study to make sense, the participants would have to sleep in a variety of colored rooms and chart how much sleep they got in each of them. I am guessing those participants who sleep in blue rooms chose the color (as opposed to having it chosen for them). Perhaps it would be more accurate to state that people who CHOOSE blue for the bedroom tend to be better sleepers, and those who chose purple tend to sleep less.

Which Wall Color Gives the Best Sleep? The Daily Mail
5/22/13 01:04 PM

We have ants every summer-they walk straight from the backyard into the kitchen, and make themselves comfy even when there's nothing to eat.........going to sprinkle cinnamon on the doorstep NOW before they decide to move in for the season.

If it doesn't work, I'll go for the explosion method.

How To Make an All-Natural Ant Killer Apartment Therapy Tutorials
5/14/13 02:28 PM

There was a telex machine outside the studio at my first job. It spent the day spitting out messages from who-knows where. That's a sound you don't hear anymore....

5 Sounds That Have Disappeared
In the Last Decade

4/19/13 04:49 PM

I had surgery a few years back and the iPod was my best friend. Passed it on to a friend who didn't have one and was hospitalized for an extended stay and then bought one for my sister when she was facing surgery. They both absolutely agreed.
Trashy novels are good too.

Home Away From Home: Making a Hospital Stay More Comfortable
4/19/13 02:47 PM

This looks like the work environment I dream about. Wonder why more companies don't make their design studios this chic and comfortable?? Sure would change attitudes about going to work!

Chris Barrett Design's Creativity Warehouse Workspace Tour
2/5/13 04:23 PM

Baroque is coming back, and it's gonna be big. I see a return to traditional with a nod towards sustainability and the omnipresent mid-century modern, so it will be cleaner (no big fringe) and globally inspired. Distressed finishes, black backgrounds, paisleys, ikats.
Didn't see any florals to speak of at High Point in December.

Super-sick of taxidermy

Trend Prediction: What Do You Think is The Next Big Thing?
1/27/13 10:46 AM

We have a twenty pound bag of Mardi Gras beads. Great for dressing up, decorating and party favors!

Two cases of cheap champagne glasses from a restaurant supply store are also one of the best investments I made towards 24/7 party readiness. Glad to see the missing tiara was #1 on the comments. Mine gets a lot of use-have always been glad I splurged on the $22 rhinestone version instead of a cheap one.

The Party Box: To Be Opened In Case Of Festive Emergencies
1/26/13 07:14 PM

Can we declare a moratorium on animal heads for 2013? Enough already!

Having gotten that one off my chest, I'd like to add that books make a home look lived in more effectively than any other single element.

3 Ways To Keep A Room From Feeling Flat
1/8/13 05:38 PM

Knotty pine is featured in my worst nightmares-the redo is so pretty and romantic!

Before & After: An Elegant Bedroom Redo Fixing It Fancy
12/24/12 12:25 PM