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$4600 in Nashville. We used lifetime-warrantied architectural shingles, but we do have a fairly small roof (less than 1500 sq ft) and a simple hipped roofline.

How Much Did it Cost to Replace Your Roof?
5/19/14 11:44 AM

I'm going to paint the trim in my living room. The bank painted the whole house dead body beige to cover the crazy colors from the previous owners (we bought a foreclosure). The painters got beige paint EVERYWHERE, so despite the fact that I've painted all of the walls, the baseboards look dirty because they have beige paint all over them. Will tackle the ceilings next.

You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List January Cure: Assignment # 5
1/8/14 05:25 PM

Our last apartment before buying our house, my husband and I were renting a unit in a four square quadplex. Not long after I moved in, I discovered two of the units were being used by drug dealers. Mentioned this to the landlord, but nothing ever happened.

Then there was the day we decided to hang a shelf in the laundry closet....and discovered a six foot span of wall...with no studs!

Then my key broke off in the incredibly stiff lock. Called the landlord...who told me they didn't do lockouts (even though it was obviously THEIR fault I was locked out), that I needed to call a locksmith. The locksmith gets there, takes one look at the door, and asks me when my apt was broken into (apparently before I moved in). I guess after the place was broken into, the landlord fixed improperly, causing the lock to not line up.

Run, Don't Walk: Worst-Landlord-Ever Stories
8/16/13 03:52 PM

I play with a string quartet, so I attend a LOT of weddings. I have to say, I have two favorites.

The first is my own. We got married on my grandparents farm. My dad built a trailer with benches to get the wedding party up to the high pasture overlooking the lake, where the little kids could get up and play when they got tired of sitting still. We had the reception in the back yard and we trimmed my grandmother's magnolia tree to make center pieces. We did a bourbon toast unstead of champagne. Looking back at the pictures, there was lots of laughter and dancing, and was about as stress-free as you can get with a wedding.

The second was a wedding my quartet played. The couple got married in a friend's backyard. The bride made the decorations herself, mostly inspired from Pinterest. The whole thing was casual and lovely, but the detail that really got me was that they included the groom's 7-year old daughter (his first wife was deceased) in their vows. The couple made vows to each other, then to the daughter, and then the daughter made her vows to them. There wasn't a dry eye to be found,

Tell Us: The Best Wedding You've Ever Been To?
6/12/13 05:47 PM

My last apartment in Boston as a student. I lucked into a 1st floor 1 bedroom split on Park Dr. My apartment looked out into the park,and was the first and only time in Boston I wasn't staring into someone else's window. Also, my bedroom was technically the living room, so it was huge, and had this beautiful bay window that flooded the room with sunshine during the day. It also put me about a 5 minute walk to the MFA, and just a few more minutes to the Gardener museum.

Tell Us: What Was The Best Rental You've Ever Had?
3/19/13 10:42 PM

Anyone know what that paint color is?? It's lovely!

Natasha's Cozy & Cheerful Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/5/13 11:36 AM

Have to add Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte), The Number of the Beast (Robert Heinlein....really anything by him for a light, entertaining read), Beauty (Robin McKinley) and the Belgariad series by David Eddings

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2/11/13 10:01 PM

Lovely floors. What a beautiful, rich color!

Before & After: A Renovated Cabin Reveal Design *Sponge
12/12/12 12:07 PM

I also love to freeze individual (and larger) portions of unbanked casseroles, soups, etc. That way when I don't feel like cooking, I have something healthy around. Oh, and pesto in ice cube trays!

25 Time-Saving Freezer Tips
8/17/12 08:34 AM

Ok, so they're not my neighbors, but my string quartet does this every week before our rehearsal! We have a cooking rotation, so no one feels like they're being put upon. It lets us catch up on the personal stuff AND the business stuff (we play a fair number of gigs), and since everyone is coming from work, it makes it so we all get a good meal before we have to spend the next two hours rehearsing. The only thing that isn't rotated (though I still get help with this since we are always at my house)? Dish duty....

Enjoying a Renter's Life: Communal Dinners Renters Solutions
3/22/12 05:47 PM

Full Spectrum Lightbulbs!!!!

As someone who spent time living in Alaska (another place with long, dark winters), these lightbulbs make a HUGE difference because the recreate sunlight indoors. Also, when the sun IS out, get outside (or next to a large window). The sun will reflect off the snow and ice and you will get your sunlight "fix" for the day in concentrate.

Advice for Settling In Finland?
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2/4/12 10:53 AM

I have a similar issue! I keep the instruments I use most often and feel are display worthy hung on the wall (I highly recommend String Swing wall mounts). The bigger stuff (ie: my cello) lives on a stand that sits on the floor so it's still easily accessible and on display.

Display Guitar Equipment in Small Apartment?
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12/5/11 02:37 PM


I went to school in Boston and only once moved into an apartment in September. Without exception, I found better, less expensive apartments with January 1st move in dates. Some I found on Craigslist, some I found through word-of-mouth (these were sublets).

Winter Apartment-Hunting Tips in Boston?
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11/1/11 01:55 PM

WOW....I wish you were my landlord! Mine is not nearly so conscientious (sp?) about fixing/replacing things to make the home more liveable.

Contemplating a Renovation
9/19/11 02:41 PM

I have window envy.

Samer's 1930's Streamline Moderne Apartment
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9/14/11 03:08 PM

I bought a microfiber suede loveseat in college. It was inexpensive, and while it wasn't my favorite, it was what I could afford at the time. I didn't expect it to last long, but nearly six years later, it still looks great. My dog (even when he was a puppy) was not able to leave stains and all I have to do to clean the hair up is vacuum it. It has also survived several moves (including one cross-country). I would love to eventually get something more attractive (it DOES have that "cheap" sort of look to it), but I have to say that it has been a wonderfully practical couch, if not a terribly attractive one.

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9/3/11 01:07 PM