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I keep my cell phone in the other room and I still get up multiple times just to set it back to snooze. I'm afraid there is no trick that works so incredibly well that it makes self discipline unnecessary.

How to Avoid Hitting Snooze in the Morning
1/13/12 10:31 AM

A dog doesn't just want to move. He want to go outside, experience things and interact with dogs or humans. Letting your dog run on a treadmill or buying a machine to throw balls for him doesn't only sound like something my dog would only enjoy for maybe 10 seconds but also like you are being lazy and shouldn't have gotten a dog in the first place. If you don't have the time to take your dog for a walk then at least hire a good dog sitter that will do it and interact with your dog in a proper way. This is just sad. Interaction with your dog is not a household chore to be automated. What's next? Developing a machine that will play and talk to your kids so you don't have to? And one that has sex with your wife and goes to the movies with here so you can spend even more time at the office? This is just weird.

Think of These Devices As Wii for Your 4-Legged Friend!
8/19/11 04:06 AM