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These do rock my world, but FYI these are middle eastern, not Native American. They are Persian, Pakistani, Turkish... etc.

Trend Watch: Kilim, Southwestern & Geometric Style
11/29/11 08:30 AM

I'm in the same situation right now. I am taking over a friend's room once she gets married and moves. I have already been chomping at the bit to change things up, and i don't even live there yet!

So far i have been talking to my new room mate and I plain asked her "what do you like about your living space? what do you want to change?"

Turns out she wanted to figure out how to get more seating and so began the conversation of a bench coffee table and extra chairs to free up some space.

You may want to get her opinion in an open dialog first. Who knows, she way be looking for a change too.

How To Redecorate without Offending Roommate?
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8/18/11 06:38 PM