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Ready for this? You can make almost ANY cake while camping. Carrot cake, , chocolate cake, etc. All you need is a pot and lid a little bigger than your metal cake pan or pie dish, a couple cookie cutters, and a oven roasting bag (like for roasting turkeys). Make your cake (try to get a recipe that makes a thick batter - or convert a drop biscuit recipe into a sweet flavored batter) put in in the pan. Put that inside a steamer bag and twist the top shut (don't tie it - you want to be able to check on it's progress.) Fill the pot with water and use the cookie cutters to keep the cake pan elevated above the water while the cake essentially steams in the bag. Take the lid off to check on it every so often to make sure the pot doesn't boil dry (your bag will melt and the cake will burn) and 30-45 minutes later, you've got a hot, moist cake ready. Bring pre-made frosting or make a simple glaze for it. This also works with apple pie, deep-dish pizza, garlic bread, etc.

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4/19/14 09:04 AM

I second ATNIEL's comment. A Vietnamese Banh Mi has never let me unsatisfied.

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9/17/12 02:40 PM

Mainers go crazy for fiddleheads. I can't wait to fill up a plate with them and a little butter and a.c.vinegar.

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4/11/12 06:30 PM

Nice job. I like the open shelves you put in too, it really does make a difference. I absolutely love the whales print- where did you get it?

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8/18/11 05:05 PM