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Shh. Columbus is an undiscovered gem. Not only is it a foodie town with great venues, it's one of the top 20 arts career cities in the country. And everything is about 20 minutes away from everything else with great old neighborhoods and downtown living. There's a lot of wonderful taste here.

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2/26/10 02:00 PM

What I forgot to say was that all this is pretty easy to undo. As an army brat and navy wife, I tend to think this way despite living in my house for 40 years. The tile will come up and the old tile will be there, you can promise to paint the walls the same color when you go. Barring that, I'd cover some foamcore with a pretty color and velcro it over the wall paper, use the same color for other stuff in the kitchen, and perhaps a rug or big bamboo mat on the floor. You could also foamcore a backsplash and waterproof it. Believe me, that kitchen is a dream compared to a lot of the cinder block, black speckeled linoleum places the military gives you to live in. And everything had to look exactly the same way it was when you moved out! Good luck, the bones you've got to work with are lovely.

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2/17/09 02:03 PM

This is hysterical. I'm an empty nester who was ready to redo my kitchen until the bottom dropped out of the economy. My kitchen---done in the 70s---looks almost like that, except that I had repainted everything white. There had been yellow accents. Having watched HGTV studiously for quite a while, I formulated a plan. I am from warmer climes, but live in Ohio, so I am working on a beachy, spa kind of look. My counters are the real thing so I am not changing them, but I found pale aqua glass mosaic tile for the backsplash. Putting them up has been incredibly easy. The walls are now a pale khaki, and the brass hardware will become black. The floor tiles will be peel and stick pale Italian travertine stone linoleum--and they are pretty good looking. I know , because I already have it down in the guest bathroom. And I have added lots of bamboo and wood accents---shades, boxes, wallplates...and I've invented my own work wall with wood blocks and hooks holding oak dowels. Black screws to hold them on the wall. Very Asian looking, and I was lucky to find bamboo utensil holders on sale to hook over the dowels. I'm not finished yet, but it is so good looking so far!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Landlord-Safe Improvements?
2/17/09 01:45 PM

After my husband had by-pass surgery, he talked me into PLAID La-Zy Boy couches. Not only are they massive, they are hideous. I still have one I sit on with a beige slip cover. It will leave in the spring---he promised. He has since moved on to a much better looking Barcalounger. Compassion is overrated.

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1/22/09 07:36 PM

I'm running into the same problem and have designed my own system with oak dowels fastened to rectangles of wood---I have a 20's era house and butcher block counters. And I don't live close to an Ikea!

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1/22/09 01:40 PM

Hmm. I wonder if you could use polyester fleece ---not so pricey and lots of colors.

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1/22/09 01:22 PM

Oh, my. I am so ready for this book---

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3/27/08 09:16 AM

Little Cadbury eggs chopped and blended into a buttercream frosting on cupcakes. Any kind.

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3/19/08 09:54 AM

lolax---I cut and paste the recipe, put it in an email and send it to myself. That way, I can put it in my recipe folder and print it out when I need it. Works great--

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3/16/08 03:04 PM

Oh, mnake me cool with my hip kids!

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