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I found this post because I was looking for therapeutic ways of walking for bad confirmation. I've had mild scoliosis, short leg syndrome, and severe pronation for ages. I've been kicked out of ballet classes TWICE because the teachers said I would do more harm than good. I think they were WRONG. The harm done has been from supposedly corrective shoeing that did some work for me rather than STRENGTHENING the muscles in my feet, ankles, etc. Now I wear Tarahumara sandals and Vibram Fingers and constantly work on standing and walking so I'm not abrading my knee and hip muscles. The ball of the foot walking is called fox walking in survivalist circles, and I've come across a huge trend in breaking the HEEL STRIKE habit in walking and running. Thanks for posting your description of the air under the heels!

Walk Like a Ballerina: Your Neighbors Will Thank You
8/18/11 01:46 PM