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whoa. I have the same pink/fuchsia blanket. Picked it up recently from OKL https://www.onekingslane.com/product/25413/1699296

Alexandra & Christine's East Meets West House Tour
3/16/14 12:06 AM

I just traded in my Umbra key panel (#5 but in natural) for a Walhub. I wish I had known about it sooner. It would've saved me from putting holes in my wall!

Hang Ups: 10 Magnetic Key Holders for Easy Organization
2/7/14 04:25 PM

I saw a product identical to #2 at my local Home Depot for just $12. I was tempted to get it but I ended up with a simple 3 outlet converter for about $3. Can't beat that price

Quick & Easy Improvements: 10 Plug & Play Home Electric Outlet Upgrades
8/11/13 07:35 PM

total houseplant envy

Manuel & Colt's Southwest Modern Apartment House Tour
7/28/13 07:56 PM

where is that cute swordfish printed garden stool from?

Emily's Cozy English Cottage Small Cool Contest
5/22/13 06:07 PM

These chairs reminded me of yours (but painted white). And oh look, it's paired with a tulip table :) . I personally would like contrast
page 96: http://www.ruemag.com/magazine/issue/issue-ten#96

What Table Works with These Chairs? Good Questions
4/9/13 08:56 PM

I'd go with a saarinen (-style because I can't afford the real thing) tulip taple

What Table Works with These Chairs? Good Questions
4/9/13 04:41 PM

No love for Pasadena?

A Renter's Life in L.A.:The Inside Scoop Apartment Therapy's Renters Guide
3/22/13 03:08 PM

the fleece version is also available from Lord & Taylor (HBC doesn't ship to the US)

Get the Look: Stripe Wool Blanket
3/4/13 06:27 PM

looks awesome! but i'm wondering how the lamp is plugged in. i'd probably be bothered by the cord extending out of the space

Before & After: Kim's Closet to Craft Room
2/28/13 03:01 PM

love #1 and this plywood bed frame http://www.oldbrandnewblog.com/2013/01/bedroom.html

Bedroom Inspiration: Unusual & Beautiful
Wooden Headboards

2/19/13 07:19 PM

Aside from washing dishes & cleaning the counter immediately after eating, I do a little every day after work. One day I'll do the laundry, the next day I'll dust. I generally leave the bigger chores (vacuuming or cleaning the bathroom) for the weekend.

Incorporating Household Chores into Your Other Daily Routines
1/17/13 05:45 PM

source for the bust vase too please!

Elizabeth's January Cure: My Second WeekJanuary Cure Diaries
1/15/13 05:41 PM

Comparison shop if you plan on ordering from FAB. I bought a product from Lackluster & Co through FAB and later found out it was cheaper through the merchant's shop.

FAB Office is Fab Office Tour
1/10/13 05:19 PM

I'm a murderer too. I've killed an orchid and 2 cacti. My rubber tree plant seems to be next... "hard to kill" my a**.

Confessions of a Plant Murderer
1/9/13 03:50 PM

the bar has been set high for 2013 house tours!

Alan's Retreat In The Hills House Tour
1/2/13 02:45 PM

i bought my brother laser printer over 5 years ago and i'm STILL on the cartridge it came with (ok, i don't print very often but i still find it amazing)! the refill light came on about half a year ago. i just taped some paper over the sensor (a tip from a YouTube video). still works great

My Tech Top 10: Chris Perez
12/20/12 08:50 PM

Geez. People can be so mean on here. I applaud them taking a risk to do what they love - not many have the balls to make the jump. Their office looks good given that it was put together quickly with very limited resources. I really enjoyed McCarthy's house tour and can't wait to see the work they do. Good luck on your new business!

Caitlin & Caitlin's Interior Design Workspace Workspace Tour
12/5/12 08:23 PM

one of my favorite house tours! especially love the book mobile and the cat stenciled wall.... source for stencil please?

Alexis & Josh Make Room for 3 House Tour
12/4/12 01:54 PM

@Granville - I would totally buy a compliation of that. It needs to be a book. Or a tumblr page.

City Stress: Crying in the Car
11/2/12 04:28 PM