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That veneer pattern on the drawer fronts was beyond gorgeous, and so hard to find in okay condition, sad to see it painted over...

Before & After: Liana's Cheery Dresser Update
3/2/14 03:31 PM

I have two black and white photographs taken by a good friend of mine while she was in art school. I'm in the foreground of a complex composition, and it's hard to tell it's me unless you're really looking. They are hanging as part of a gallery wall in my bedroom and I don't feel narcissistic about it. The pictures represent my friend more than me, and I like having that reminder of her and the happy times we shared together during college.

Fun or Faux Pas: Family Portraits at Home
2/22/12 02:56 PM

I agree, ivy is incredibly invasive! And stay away from blackberries, unless you plan on keeping them very well groomed, and in a planter box. They are a huge headache to remove, not to mention they have nasty thorns.

I've always been a sucker for camellia bushes, which are evergreen and beautiful all year round. They like moist soil and shade. Hydrangeas are also a good choice, and do really well in the PNW. Laastly, I love lilacs and rhododendrons. You have so many options in addition to these; go crazy!

Before & After: Bungalow Seeks Cool Colors
1/4/12 03:53 PM

I love the look of floating art!
Magnetic push pins are awesome. They hold the artwork with out putting any holes in the print:
Also, I agree with the option to mount prints if you can afford it. Just make sure to request a matte UV coating.

Ditching the Frame: Simple Alternative Ways to Hang Art
8/30/11 03:58 PM

I watch an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive. That usually scares me enough to get me motivated, as well as gives me a glimpse of what my life could be like if I don't finish the projects looming over me. Bonus, the hour spent zoning out in front of the TV is the perfect length for a serious break.

When Home Projects Take Over Your Life
8/17/11 04:51 PM