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Could do with some wabi-sabi. If it was just a little less "perfect", then it would be really great. Who would dare eat one of the cookies for fear of messing the perfect display of cookies?

Greg & Rob's Sky Suite House Tour
10/27/13 02:07 AM

Hilarious. That was so much fun, I wanna go again!

Philip and Olivia's All the Fun of the Fair House House Tour
10/10/13 08:43 PM

Honestly, with all the political correctness run wild, is anyone seeing or thinking straight? While I can imagine some women choosing and living with the decor in the second group of photos, it is too much of a stretch of the imagination that there are men who would decorate their homes as displayed in the first group of examples. Remember, men and women ARE different, we have different tastes, different styles and different perceptions. Different clothes, different hairstyles, so many differences - It is no crime to point out that fact, surely? How on earth can it be sexist to say some styles of decoration could appeal more to males or to females? Some styles are unisex, others are unmistakeably masculine or feminine, like it or not!

His and Hers: Analyzing \"Masculine\" and \"Feminine\" Decor
10/6/13 08:30 PM

Goregeous room, but hardly my idea of colourful.

Matthew's \"Moody in Nature\" Room room for color contest
9/26/13 08:35 PM

Lovely. Aesop handwash too. Congratulations on the low-quantity high-quality thing you've got going on. Gorgeous!

Monique Lavie's Minimal and Modern House Tour
9/25/13 06:56 AM

Almost thought it was a black and white photo. Colour?

Holly's \"Heaven\" Room room for color contest
9/20/13 06:34 AM

Confess - the whole place is decorated to colour co-ordinate with the cat, no?

Scotti's \"Modern Natural\" Hancock Park Home House Tour
9/12/13 07:16 AM

In a room filled with faux at least the Ikea bookcases aren't imitation . . . . or are they?!?!

Before & After: Shaun's Lovely Living Room
8/25/13 04:33 AM

Yuck. As knotty pine paneling was to the 70's, so plywood is to today. One person's inexpensive is another person's cheap.

Plywood Made Good: 10 Ways to Save Walls with an Inexpensive Material
8/3/13 06:32 AM

So full on! Can't imagine a place I would like to live in less, but would love to visit more than this incredible apartment.

Karen's Color Explosion House Tour
7/24/13 06:36 AM

Oh, the artwork in the living room. So wonderful. Love, love love!!

Anne & Richard's Loving Renovation
at the El Dorado House Tour

7/22/13 12:32 AM

America, land of the free (delivery). And when the Amazonmonster gets so big and has gobbled up every last bit of competition, what then? Congratulations on taking the first step towards recovery, coming clean about your addiction. Let's hope you can recover from your "consume for the sake of consuming" addiction.

Confession: I'm Addicted to Amazon Prime
7/15/13 09:49 PM

So they don't have a television, they must be soooo cool!!! Apart from that, it must be the only object they don't own. The colour of the bedroom walls is wonderful, so warm and bright it's like pumpkin soup. Yum!

Emi & Nathan's Natural History House Tour
6/22/13 02:44 AM

Sorry to taunt those not in Australia, but while we don't get a lot of the brands you mention here, we do have these http://www.jardan.com.au/collection/ Bosko forever!

Apartment Therapy's Sofa Shopping Guide
6/22/13 02:26 AM

There is a world of difference in how the light shines on the page of a book, as opposed to the page being a light source. After staring at a computer all day long my poor tired eyes enjoy the restive quality of the old fashioned page. Never mind the scent of an old book or the swoosh of a heavy paper as the page turns in a big glossy coffee table book. A whole wall of my apartment is a shrine to the glorious book, shelves upon shelves of them, each and every one of them treasured. As for the signed copy of Longfellow's poetry on my parent's shelves, no technology could replace that.

Are Books Obsolete? Thoughts on the Printed Word
6/19/13 09:12 PM

A smaller space also prioritises new purchases! Does one really need it, will it go with everything else, is there even anywhere to display or store it? Impulse buying is impossible.

10 Bonus Benefits to Small Space Living
6/11/13 07:57 PM

Wall to wall carpeting - ugh! Makes my skin crawl - especially if people wear shoes on carpet - it freaks me out!! It's a hygiene thing. When you beat out a rug and see how much dust comes out, imagine carpet just sitting there collecting more and more dust and grime over the years, surely there's a microscopic universe of *things* that live and breed in there? Give me floors that can be washed any day.

Five Controversial Decor Items (And Why You May Want Them)
6/10/13 10:00 PM

The bait: minimalism and why too much "stuff" isn't good. The catch: reeling in lots of people getting all offended about having stuff. This is one issue that keeps getting such great responses... Please keep up the good work AT. The outrage is hilarious.

Apartment Therapy On Why Not To Date a Caveman
6/3/13 09:22 PM

How's the weather way up there on the moral high ground? Suppose there's some who've never wanted to go home to enjoy a new purchase ever... The night my dining room table was delivered I was out with friends who kept asking me if I was *sure* I didn't want to go home and look at it.... That's because they are friends - friends understand and don't come down all judgemental at us. Maybe Theresa's friend also understands her excitement about her home and her love of decorating it. So enough with the judgment please!

Anyways, as far as imitations go, the thing is knock offs are generally cheaper for a reason. Lower quality materials, factory made by low paid workers. Originals use top quality materials and are made by skilled craftsmen. The differences between a fake tulip table and the real Saarinen are readily obvious if the two are compared. The quality, grain and thickness of the marble, the construction, the lines, the shape and finish of the leg are so much better in the original. It's not always about the name, it's about quality too. It's about paying for what you get.

Personally, if I can't afford an original, I would never buy a rip-off copy. There are plenty of affordable original designs available. Probably more today than ever. Why not buy one of those instead of a copy of something else?

Coming to Terms with a Knockoff: Original vs. Reproduction Furniture Design
5/23/13 10:56 PM

Wow the glass bathroom wall must be fun at parties. Why isn't the artwork hung on the walls though? It would look so much better, I rekon, especially getting it off the back of the couch. Has anyone considered the possibility the tortoise gets out and roams around on the parquet for excercise? Let's hope so.

Alex's Open Plan in Bilbao Small Cool Contest
5/20/13 10:02 PM