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I love the 3 day potty training method too! I used it to train my middle son when he was 26 months old, and my youngest when he was 23 months old. Just due to a complete fluke, my oldest was trained when he was 26 months old and I decided that youngest is best because they aren't so stubborn yet and they still very much love to please mom and dad. And yes, a child that young can learn to recognize when he needs to go to the bathroom! Even boys ;)

Let's Get This Potty Started Right: Potty Training Woes & Wisdom
7/19/11 04:08 PM

It's so classy, I'd probably keep it in the living room!

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3/20/08 11:31 AM

I'd cook meat for french dip sandwiches! And I so need a new crock pot too, mine is just getting too small for many occasions.

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3/14/08 06:43 PM

What wouldn't my son carry in it would probably be a shorter answer. He loves to pack anything he can find into anything that is bag-esque. I'm sure we'd use it when we went to the library as well.

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3/14/08 07:19 AM

My son is going to his first birthday party of a friend tomorrow. He is so excited. I'd love to record that!

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3/6/08 11:50 AM