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Anyone know a good source for kraft paper rolls?

Holiday Crafts for Kids (and Big Kids Too) Apartment Therapy Video Roundup
10/31/13 02:48 AM

average american, apartment dwellers don't have children.....

what world are you living in?

10 Fun Facts About the History of the Cozy Coupe
10/8/13 11:17 PM

We have this blanket! It's beautiful!

Heirloom Bear Blanket Family Find
9/20/13 02:47 AM

Thanks so much for posting this Carrie! I have been obsessed with this bedspread forever and was so bummed it wasn't available in the US! Just snagged one for my son today! Thanks so much!

Deer Duvet Set Family Find
8/5/13 12:38 PM

that cake, that cake, that cake! SWOON!

Best Kids Parties: Le Petit Prince My Party
6/26/13 02:32 AM

I have a child and used to live in San Francisco. I no longer do. Enough said.

San Francisco: Most Restaurants, Most Hills, But Least Kids
1/30/13 11:34 PM


Best Kids' Parties: \"Up!\" Balloon Party My Party
1/30/13 02:10 AM

Another of Oh Happy Day's great ideas for mini hats

Best Kids Parties: The Farm My Party
1/9/13 11:25 PM

..and thanks for the compliment!

Best Kids Parties: The Farm My Party
1/9/13 11:25 PM

I got them at a local party place, but it looks like you can get them at Oriental Trading

Best Kids Parties: The Farm My Party
1/9/13 11:24 PM

Little animals with party hats from Oh Happy Day

Best Kids Parties: The Farm My Party
1/4/13 03:58 PM

I think I hear the Grinch theme song people need to LIGHTEN UP.

Burning Question for Parents: Do You Put Yourself in Your Holiday Photo Card?
12/5/12 06:24 PM

Amen Dave. Amen.

Tips and Tricks For A Safe and Successful Cyber Monday
11/26/12 01:13 AM

Well that is the cutest little boy I have EVER seen!

Best Kids Parties: Woodland Gnomes My Party
10/2/12 06:26 PM

Love this!

Best Kids' Parties: Godzilla My Party
6/28/12 01:24 PM

If one should not put family pictures in one's own home.... Where, pray tell, should one put them? Shove them in a box and hide them in the basement? Or perhaps just stop taking them all together. We wouldn't want to offend anyone with our narcissistic love of our families.

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/28/12 12:34 PM

@vegan mama- did you ever strip your diapers?

A Look Inside Cloth Diapers: An Update
6/15/12 07:59 PM


Crafting with Cardboard: Build a Box House Nessa Dee
6/15/12 07:44 PM

I am really unsure why it is that people feel like a baby or child's room must be plastered with primary colors and Disney characters for kids to like it. I don't think a child with a more sophisticated room is going to feel deprived. Kids with rooms like this can still have and enjoy regular or "tacky" toys. They can be stored in a toy box....they don't have to be on display. I think this room is sweet and lovely and obviously Axel's parents put a lot of love into it.

Axel's Clean & Cozy NurseryNursery Tour
3/26/12 03:44 AM

Love it! Great job!

Best Kids Parties: James Bond, 001 My Party
3/8/12 02:11 AM