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I freeze my stock (and sauces, etc.) in a silicotone cube tray intended for baby food purees - basically an oversized ice cube tray. Each cube holds 1/4 cup and once frozen, I pop the cubes out and put the cubes in the glass jars. This avoids the expansion issue and allows me to only pull out what I need later, knowing each cube is 1/4 cup.

Help! Why Do My Jars of Frozen Chicken Stock Keep Breaking? Good Questions
5/3/13 09:05 PM

I just remind myself how much easier it is to get through the pain of finishing versus the pain of staring at my half-finished work mocking me! Then I try to plan a fun thing to do in that space once it's done (maybe a relaxing bubble bath with candles?) so I can enjoy my victory and have something to look forward to.

When Home Projects Take Over Your Life
8/17/11 03:49 PM

I used to test and market book trucks to the library market and you're missing the best brand for the home - Smith System book trucks! Awesome color choices and less industrial looking casters (check out the Blueberry color) plus great quality and cool shelf configurations with shelf and bin combinations for toys and art materials. And no, I never worked for them directly, they were just my favorites!!!

Library Book Trucks
8/16/11 10:10 AM