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jasam22 - it's a cutting mat that I've used as a mousepad. It's cheap, looks great, and works like a charm. You can find cutting mats at most office supplies store.

You can buy one here at Amazon:

I got the idea from flickr user garrettmurray. He has a very similar office setup to mine actually!

Meticulously Modern and Minimal

8/17/11 09:49 PM

This is my workspace - thanks to Unplggd for highlighting it!

M.Bellis & ctmagnus - the iPad app is called Night Stand HD. It's quite a beautiful app. You can find the iTunes link from the developer's website here:

embryoconcepts - that's not a keyboard tray. It's a storage drawer. It's super handy for things like gadgets and pens.

See here:

Meticulously Modern and Minimal

8/16/11 09:20 AM