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create a RAID 1 (or higher) array for this sorta stuff. RAID 0 is not gonna save your data if you lose a drive. in fact, if you lose a drive in RAID 0, you will lose the data on your other drives too.

Make Your Old PC Into a Data Server
11/8/11 12:30 AM

um. the trends feature isn't new. neither are the keyboard shortcuts.

How to Adapt to the New Google Reader
11/2/11 04:51 PM

There actually used to be a way that manufacturers would measure contrast ratios on TVs, which basically involved sending a "checker pattern" signal through an input. But at some point, someone decided that turning the TV off counted as the blackest black. Not joking. So now everything about contrast ratio is messed up. When you look at TVs in department stores, just be aware of how bright the lights are in the HDTV section. selective lighting can make the ratio look a lot better than it would in a normal living room

Why Buying a HDTV Can Be Like Buying a Mattress
8/16/11 01:00 AM