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I'd also check out the exhibit "André Kertész: On Reading," should you find yourself in Pittsburgh: . Kertész took photos of people reading over a period of fifty years. They show people all around the world in very different contexts. It's super cool!

Dream Art Collection: Girls Reading
9/15/11 01:08 PM

we went through this debate recently too, also with black granite. we investigated all the tiles and felt like they were fine, but somehow not... us. we ended out going very "us." we bought extra copies of comics and graphic novels that we liked and made a collage of scenes to do with cooking, kitchens, or food. then we placed it behind an acrylic sheet and bolted it to the wall, with grout on the side to protect it from moisture. it's very fun!

i get that this might be a little bizarre according to taste, but the acrylic sheet option could allow you to have any kind of design you wanted, and could certainly lean toward something very you!

it's also a lot easier than tiling, so we figure we can always take it down if we mature past our graphic novel/comic book phase and into something else!

Unique Backsplash for My Kitchen?
Good Questions

8/26/11 12:12 AM