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I'm not allowed to put these kind of holes in my rental, so embraced my wires instead using a technique I learned on apartment therapy! It worked great for me :)

How To Create a Cord and Cable Free Home Entertainment TV Setup The Harpster Home
9/24/12 12:46 AM

I did something similar to this using barn wood and thrifted belts. It's a different style of the same thing and it's TOTALLY handy!

Here are some pics if you're interested:

DIY Idea: Storage Tray on Wheels Fargevandring
8/15/12 01:46 AM

I was dealing with really messy TV cables and I used a tip I found on Apartment Therapy to fix them up. I wrapped them with yarn and am totally in love with them now :)

Here are pics if you're interested:

Crafty Cable Management Using Everyday Household Items
8/15/12 01:43 AM

I just made a desk with pipe legs! The pipes and joints are a bit expensive, but totally worth it!!

Plumbing Pipe Design Roundup: From Barn Doors to Bedframes
7/12/12 04:55 PM

hi there everyone. Jen here... sorry my craft has been so upsetting to many of you. I've started experimenting with centerpieces for my wedding in October and I tried this project out. It was really easy, cheap, and I would never claim for it to be a "professional" or revolutionary craft. I hope I didn't offend anyone, I was just experimenting with looks for my wedding and sharing with my readers. To each his own I guess!

Easy Outdoor-Inspired Centerpiece: Yarn Wrapped Pinecones Insideways
5/22/12 12:46 AM

@tess09 I made them myself - it really wasn't very hard or expensive. Here's a link with the full tutorial:

Jennifer's Best of the Best Small Cool Contest
4/15/12 12:32 PM

I have the hardest time decorating with black and white (especially black) and I'm totally jealous of how well you do it!! Don't change a thing - it's magical xoxox

Kristi's Head Over Heels Small Cool Contest
4/13/12 01:35 PM

@thera the wire chandelier was a super lucky sidewalk find. Someone just left it there with a sign that said "free"!! I had to awkwardly carry it with me for the rest of the day, but it was so worth it :)

Jennifer's Best of the Best Small Cool Contest
4/11/12 08:09 PM

@Nandapanda the couch was from craigslist. Sorry I don't have a store to share :(

Jennifer's Best of the Best Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 10:16 PM

Thanks everyone!! I wish I could have shared more pictures - you can see more of the apartment here on my blog:

Jennifer's Best of the Best Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 07:31 PM

@Pi and @Strikermary the bathroom situation is super strange. There's one with a sink and shower and one with a sink and toilet. I'm really not sure why they designed it like that, but it's kind of a waste of space. Oh well...

Jennifer's Best of the Best Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 07:19 PM

I'm a HUGE fan of Craigs List Shopping and have found my best furniture that way. Here are some tips I've written...

1. Tips for Great Finds:

2. Tips for Browsing CL:

3. How To Write a Great Email to a CL Seller:

4. How To Use Your Google Reader to Search CL:

Hope they help!!

How To Have an Adult Apartment on a Budget
3/21/12 07:30 PM

I'm a renter with a very tiny porch. I decided to plant my herb garden in a vintage pepsi crate and I LOVE how it turned out. You can see it here :)

Gardening Without a Garden: 10 Ideas for Your Patio or Balcony Renters Solutions
3/9/12 10:43 PM

I'm in love with succulents! I'm a renter and I've planted them in a brass duck bowl ( and a giant wicker giraffe (! So fun!!

A Renter's Garden: 5 Easy Indoor Succulent DIY Ideas Renters Solutions
3/6/12 01:51 AM

Wow it looks great!! So slick :). I actually have the same pepsi crate, but I made mine into an herb garden. (Here's how I did it: It's so neat to see how differently people use the same objects!

Before & After: Laundry Area Goes from Messy to Fab Potluck Love
2/24/12 07:55 PM

I have a stump end table from West Elm and I love it. It was a little pricy, but it goes in ANY room!

Not Just For Apres Ski: Rustic & Natural Wood Tables
1/30/12 07:51 PM

I love the look of wood so I wouldn't paint personally. What if you aged it? I had this method pinned on Pinterest and thought I would share :)

Paint This Homemade Headboard?
Good Questions

1/27/12 02:02 AM

I just started crocheting again and made a granny square pillow. It turned out just how I hoped it would!!
Now I want to make a blanket...

Crochet Cozy for Modern Spaces: Granny Squares
1/27/12 02:01 AM

That's crazy! It's *exactly* what I wanted when I decided to store my record player front and center in the living room. I even wrote a blog post about the importance of putting things where you'll use them based on my record player here:

Michelle's Stylish Record Player Placement
Feminine Modern

1/12/12 10:07 PM

After I last moved, my boyfriend and I kept our boxes for about a month (we'd moved across the country and weren't sure if we would stay in grad housing). When we decided it was finally time to let the boxes go we posted them to craigslist. Within a day a very grateful lady came and got them for her upcoming move!! She was thrilled to get free boxes and we were thrilled they wouldn't end up in a landfill. Win win :)

How Long Should You Keep Electronics and Appliance Packaging?
1/11/12 01:46 AM