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I just moved into a home which had a cluttered curb appeal and an over-growth that was damaging the basement due to a negative ground grade towards the foundation. We pretty much tore it ALL out. My rule of thumb: at least replace what you take out. We took out many miscellaneous plants and shrubs (mostly weeds or diseased bushes) and added in beautiful rose bushes, rose of sharon trees, dianthias and boxwoods. I certainly don't have a green thumb so now I can't go wrong!

When Not to Feel Guilty About Cutting Down a Tree
8/15/11 11:51 AM

I agree with cccb12. 6 months salary of emergency fund is a little short of what I have now while owning two homes and is quite excessive for a first time apartment. But I also think $50 is severely short. Try collecting one month's salary. More than one thing will go wrong at once. I think they call it Murphy's Law...

10 Things Every First Apartment Should Have
8/15/11 11:41 AM